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    I'm not following. Using up/down left/right on the keyboard is just moving my selection box around in the fixture sheet.

    I understand how to use up and down in regard to fixture selection and moving up and down through different levels of the tree for selection purposes. What I'm asking about is just closing one level of the tree visually.

    Currently I'm using a bunch of LED strips that have 64 sub fixtures each. When browsing the fixture sheet, I find myself wanting to close just that level of the tree. But only way it seems to do that is to use the button at the top left of the sheet, which closes the entire tree and then I have to reopen the other top level groups to get back where I was.

    In any of the sheets there is a button on screen to open or collapse the entire tree structure, but is there a way to open/close just a specific level of the tree structure? For example I only want to collapse the lowest level of the structure so I don't have to see all of the sub-fixtures of my LED strips.

    Also, are there any keyboard shortcuts for opening/closing the tree structure, or can it only be controlled by interacting with a mouse or touchscreen?

    When using Assert Previous Event set to yes in a timecode pool, is there a way to modify the assert time?

    Back on MA2 when using status call, when programming if I scrubbed my timecode backward, the lights would then snap back to the status of the show of that point in timecode.

    On MA3, when I rewind the timecode, the right cues start playing but they asserted at the fade time of those cues. Is there any way to make it snap back?

    Hey there friends,

    To preface this, I know this is more of a Vectorworks issue but it does relate to MA2. Hoping some of you have some insight.

    For a while now, I have been struggling to find an efficient workflow for drawing non-horizontal lighting positions in Vectorworks. The challenge I'm having is finding the best way to only have 1 instance of each fixture in both 2D and 3D views. Obviously, accurate 3D positioning of the whole rig is incredibly important if you intend to use the MA2 export plugin to get the rig into MA3D. 2D view are also important for clean plots, hang tapes, etc.

    I have been playing with a Vectorworks visualization tool called "Create Plot and Model View."…eating_Plot_and This tool lets you draw your non-horizontal positions in 2D/Plan View and then create a design layer viewport that shows a 3D model of the position that you can then rotate and position in space accurately. At first, this functionality seems great because I can use the 2D views for label legends, plots and hang tapes. At the same time I can have a true to life 3D model for photometrics, renderings and I had hoped for MA2 export.

    Where this tool is not useful is that the 3D model view is just a 3D viewport referenced from the fixtures/positions drawn in 2D/Plan view. If you attempt to run the MA2 export plugin, all of the the non-horizontal positional will use the fixture positioning from the 2D/Plan View where the fixtures were first created/defined. (On the ground, horizontally)

    For shows that have these non-horizontal positions, the only way I have found to accurately get these positions to export correctly into MA3D is to draw them entirely in 3D. This ends up being very cumbersome when you want to create plots and hang tapes.

    Do any of you have any tips or best practices you could share?

    Hey there,

    I am attempting to create a macro that uses a pop up that allows a user to type in a string of text that will then be added to the info column for the current cue of the currently selected executor.

    My current macro looks like - “Info $selectedexeccue (Add Some Info..)”

    I have found some issues with this current implementation. This macro will not work if you use any words that are predefined keywords (test, store, cue, etc...) Also when inputting a string of text such as (Hello how are you), only the word first word of the string (Hello) ends up in the info column.

    Any ideas?

    Greetings all,

    I have a layout that displays 4 fixtures representing the fountains in our show. These fountains use the DIM attribute for pump intensity and they use the CONTROL attribute for the bypass valve. I am attempting to use the wheel manager to display the state of the bypass valve with images I have created.

    In our fixture type for the fountains, I have created a new wheel for the control attribute but am having trouble getting the images to display in my Layout. The fixtures in the layout are set to Spot Visualization but don't see any image when changing values in the control channel.

    Does the layout view only display color and gobo wheels? Or should they display wheels created for other attributes?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hey friends,

    I have created a bunch of groups with particular selection orders. I am attempting to apply a delay of 0 thru 5 to each group's selection order. Selecting all groups at once creates one large selection order, which is not my intent.

    I assume there has to be a way to apply this delay to each group at once all the while keeping their individual selection orders? The other night I found my self repeatedly selecting one group, applying the delay and then moving onto the next group. Is there a more efficient method that I am missing?

    We are setting up remote DMX triggers to fire Execs and macros. Execs are firing with no issue, but we are having issues getting the macros to work.

    In the DMXremotes page, we specify the proper address and set the type to "CMD". In the CMD column we type in "Go macro 1105" but the macro never takes. We have also tried the command "macro 1105".

    We have verified that the console sees the DMX input values on the correct address that we assigned to this command. But can not get macros to fire.

    Any ideas?

    Hey there,

    I'm attempting to write a macro that will change the default intensity value of a non-dim.
    I was thinking I could write something like..

    -CD livesetup.3.29 (where 3 is the fixture type selection and 29 is the non-dim fixture type)
    -assign 1 /default=100 (where 1 is the dim attribute row for the non-dim fixture)
    -CD /

    Currently this isn't working for me, Is it possible to change default values of a fixture type through the command line?

    Hey there,

    I am working on a show where we have multiple RPUs in our server racks. All RPUs are managed via a IP based KVM system.

    I am attempting to write macros that will force the setup window to open on a particular screen.

    For example, when working through KVM I have access to screens 5 & 6. So I would like to write a macro to force setup to open on screen 5. But at the same time I would like to have the flexibility for another macro to open setup on screen 1 if I were locally working on the machine at the rack.

    I was thinking something like "Setup /screen=5" would do the trick but I am not having any luck.

    Is this possible through the command line?