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    Hi Andreas,

    what a wonderful solution considering execution time overhead. Thank you Andreas! 🥳 Unfortunately, the solution prevents the user from using CueZero and OffCue commands for other purposes without further checks when adding the notify commands, which could be one way of improving upon this solution. Meanwhile I also found a solution that works without needing to modify any objects in the showfile and still works without pollig:

    Since I'm using the hook on Root().Temp.RunningSequences, this only works while the Running Sequences window is open on any of the MA3 screens, otherwise the hook won't fire on status changes. Unfortunately, there is no argument passed to the callback function to know directly what or where the change is without reiterating over all the sequences. This makes this solution more inefficient than it could be, since the execution time grows proportionally to the number of sequences. But at least the sequences are only checked if at least one state change has occurred. So at least for small showfiles you can get a latency and overhead advantage over polling. In addition, the overhead can be reduced further if one is no longer interested in the state of all sequences but only a selection. Then you can only check the relevant sequences to begin with, which extremely reduces overhead.

    Since all previous solutions that are better than polling bring restrictions for the user (using CueZero or OffCue, using windows that have to be open at all times, etc.) I sadly have to understand these solutions more as a workaround than as a serious solution that can be used sensibly.

    In hope of better solutions

    Kind regards 🙌


    Hello everyone,

    there is this handy-dandy HookObjectChange() function which allows us to hook into changes of an object as long as "public" attributes like name or e.g. assignments on an exec page are changing. There is also a function that lets us retrieve the "ActiveState" of a sequ called HasActivePlayback(). As it's a function and not an attribute on the sequ I can't hook into it which results in a soution which regularly calles the function to get the state. This is obviously very inefficient, slow and impractical for getting state from a larger ammount of sequences. Is there another place to hook into to get realtime updates on the sequences "ActiveState"?

    Kind regards 🙌


    Hello folks,

    I just started tooling around with OSC to control playbacks (executors) via TouchOSC. I successfully got bi-directional communication to a pool object (sequence) working with directly addressing to the "FaderMaster" of the pool object (in my case sequ 7 - I don't want to reference sequences by number tho cuz' numbers in the sequ pool aren't really that static of an value. Move your sequence in the pool and you are screwed and have to reconfigure your OSC Software. That's not a great workflow, right?

    That's why I am asking now:

    • Is there a way to bi-directionally talk to the executor layer directly? (sending to execs seems to work with "/Page1/Fader201" but not receiving)
    • Is there a way to always reference the "Fader201" on the current page?
    • Is there a way to reference pool objects by name instead of number, when talking to them via OSC?

    Hope you could unterstand my sloppy explaination

    Thank you for your help

    Kind regards


    Hey everyone,

    I got an issue where 4 of my cmd wings faders flicker between values of 0.0 and approx. 1.2% when pulled down to 0%:

    Some more information on the issue and how to reproduce it:

    • It does not appear immediately. The command wing has to "warm up" for some hours before the issue actually occurs.
    • I have not seen this issue with MA3 v1.1.4.2 even after having the wing running for some hours. It first occured to me after having used the wing with v1.2.0.2 once, but then I was also able to reproduce the issue with the older verison on any windows pc I tested it with. (maybe firmware issue?)
    • When leaving the wing off for some time the issue does not come back as fast as if I am just restarting it.
    • Those last days were pretty hot. I had about 28° C in my room.
    • It's always only the same 4 faders as seen above.
    • When leaving the wing on for long enough the flickering kinda gets less frequent but the 4 exec faders are statically at 1.2% when the fader is pulled to 0%.
    • I left the wing running over night - next day in the morning it's 26° C in my room and the faders are back to working normally without any flickers and are at 0% when pulled to 0%! This strengthens the assumption that the outside temperature plays a role in this.
    • Cooling the wings faders with a cold pack temporaily lowers the temperature around the faders and thus temporarily fixes the issue ?

    My idea: It could be based on heat and the resulting resistance change of components which then triggers a readout error in the firmware? But funny that this only occurs on those 4 faders then...

    Is there a way to maybe calibrate the faders on a command wing to make this behaviour stop or must this be taken care of inhouse?

    Thanks already!

    Kind regards


    Just tried to apply your awesome Model... Did not get it to work (Ver. I think I did something wrong. Patched the ACL Bars before, then tried to change the Model, didn't work, I am using the extended mode of the fixture.

    Would be nice if you had any Ideas on how I could fix my problem.
    Geetings and thank you already