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    I have a problem,

    For organisational reasons I have divided my cues in Part Cues and every time I store a Cue they go to:

    - Part 1: Dimmer.

    - Part 2: Position.

    - Part 3: Image - Gobo, Beam, Focus and Shappers -

    - Part 4: Colour.

    Now, I want to store a preset with all the attributes and when I store them in a Cue each attribute goes to the Part Cue assigned to it.

    The problem is that when I use a Preset All to store a cue, everything is stored in Part 0.

    That is to say, is there a way to assign Part Cues from the All Pool and when I store an ALL preset with all the attributes in a Cue, each one goes to its previously assigned part in the Cue?

    Thank you

    Does anyone know why some fixtures stay full without any information in 3D?

    The programmer has all the dimmer fixtures set to 0 and, however, in the 3D they have Full output.

    And even if I select the fixtures and lower them from dimmer to 0, it doesn't answer me.

    Has this happened to anyone?

    How can I fix it?

    In the DMX Sheet have output value of 100 and is color is vivid green, I don't know why

    Thank you

    Hi Hannie, Your right...

    These macros behave in the same way as the groups, they make a selfix of one or more of them, One selected press the macro 267 overwrites the group containing the recipe of the sequence.

    You get the border colour modifying the "Bordercolor" property in the layout properties.

    Here an example:

    Set Layout "My_Layout"."My_element" Property "bordercolor" Value

    The bordercolour only changes when the macro is pressed, it is integrated in the macro and only interacts with those that are mutually exclusive

    The Colour Picker and the Effect Generator are independent of each other.

    You can choose any group, or a combination of them, to apply to both, the colour Picker - in the first row - and the colour Fx.

    The colour rows are macros that directly modify the preset which is the big icon on the right and serves as a token.

    The other icons are modifiers, the ones at the bottom, modify the recipe of the sequence containing the preset, and the icons on the right directly modify the preset.