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    Midicon certainly does not send the same midi notes on other buttons -

    What software are you using it with? because if MA3 - then there is no need to use bome or other midi ox to convert CC to MIDI NOTE

    And if you already insisted on converting CC to note - then use MIDIOX and you can assign cc notes a different value for midi note

    One more thing - check carefully - because CC Control Change + after switching to the next page - they send notes on another channel -

    One more thing - if you send a message to MIDICON - it will stop automatically - it's not broken - only when you receive a midi note - it switches to manual mode - so from then on you have to control the state of the controls from the software - for this preferably not to use midi OUT

    Unfortunately, I did not manage to track down the device with the same parameters of dmx channels - unfortunately this device has an unusual setting - dimmer on the last channel (mode 7) unless you have to try to write the fixtura yourself in ma fixture buildier.. Try simple mode - 7 channels - you should succeed

    Your node 2k has two physical outputs dmx - The device unlocks the number of parameters 2048 (4 universe +).

    Update 1.7 increases the number of parameters for this device to 4096 (i.e. twice as many)

    You just need to buy any artnet gate - which will allow you to output more physical dmx outputs.

    It can be a device from MA Lighting or any other company.

    You can also use a lamp that has an artnet input and can send DMX to other devices.

    I also think - that addressing certain devices (the same addresses) should solve the current state without buying additional equipment.

    Being on a Light or Full is obviously much better to most (unless you tend to do or prefer more custom MIDI setups), but I use a command wing, apc40 and a single screen for about 50% of the shows/tours I have to do, so if you need a quick rundown on how or different ways to set this up I would be more than happy to help, but I dont have any problems using MIDI and an onPC setup and as more features get programmed it will just open up more options and ways to use MIDI. My single screen just has a busking layout how I like it and when I need to switch to something else it's just the pushing of a different view with different options on the fly just as in MA2. Sounds like maybe you just need to dial in your main layout/view a little more? During show I rarely need to switch views it seems, but programming is obviously different. Below is how I have mine set up, and the iPad is just the web remote saved to the main page I have all those Execs saved to. Not needed, but I also switch that view from time to time (clock, programming view, etc) and I just link the command lines together to make it easier when doing certain things preshow.

    This is a bit older photo and busking screen/colors, etc have changed, but you get the idea. We were just talking about this last night. A fellow LD found an old photo of him back in the early MA2 days and said he was still running it in mode 1. I think people have forgot that this was even the process when ma2 was released. Covid definitely didn't help feedback for the most part as we just weren't using it as much. For most of us our focus was elsewhere as we just didn't know what was going to become of it and digging deep into the new software just wasn't on my mind. I think that had some to do with maybe a bit slower start, but you also have to remember they are creating it from scratch. It's not being ported over. With everything back in motion I feel it's only going to advance more as now the feedback is starting to come in from all of us using it in so many different ways in action. I use 3 almost daily with no problems. Anyways, just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents.

    I work on a very extensive set - I have a stationary computer with two large touch monitors + midicon, and a second computer (laptop) with two apc mini controllers and all this works in one session - in the event of a failure, the system automatically switches to working equipment - although this it happens very rarely. I wrote my own software for midi controllers, which allows you to control many faders and executors with the possibility of obtaining feedback on led controls or motorized faders. In addition, I can switch between pages on each controller separately.

    In the case of work away - I only take a laptop and two midi with led feedback, which is enough.

    In MA3 there is no such possibility of control, because the web remote that I use is now a video stream, the midi configuration is now assigned to sequences and not faders or executors - which limits extensive possibilities and in the case of a new show, everything has to be patted all over again.

    OSC partially allows for this functionality - but it is not fully implemented - so I cannot always get correct feedback.

    Working without a wing in this case is also cumbersome, because you have to switch views every now and then - whether to get to the programmer / playback buttons or others. This constant clicking is a nightmare.

    The information on the encoders is also unreadable.