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    What do I have to do If you want to update the console with a USB stick.

    Text from a pdf file
    "How to update your dot2 console with a Linux Boot stick: Download the latest dot2*.imgz and write its content to an USB stick (use “StickMAker” available from the MA Lighting website) Plug the USB stick into an USB connector on the back of the console. Connect an external monitor and an USB keyboard to the console. Turn on the monitor and then the console. Press “F10” multiple times to see the bios boot menu on the external monitor. Select your USB stick (probably the second entry). In the following menu you can choose between “Update Software (x.x.x) and keep shows / user data” (this won’t delete your show files) or “Factory reset”, which will reset all data. Software will be installed automatically (press ESC to see cool Linux stuff while installing and not the boring rotating dot2 logo) Console will reboot; then you can remove the installer USB stick."