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    Hi Clint,

    There is a way to do this with a Plugin.
    The plugin asks for Source Fixtures and Destination Fixtures and allows you to choose the Orientation.
    You could also run this from the Macros.
    I created 2 example macros that you can find attached.

    Until this can be possibly implemented into the software, perhaps you could give this a try.
    Let me know if it's not working as expected.


    At the moment, just like in gMA2, you’ll still need a pinch of Lua to subtract variable values.

    The only variable math that’s possible directly is, addition.

    I see your MaxDelay variable is the difference between MaxFade & MinFade.

    This is the only reason I used Lua.

    Perhaps, when other basic arithmetics are possible with variables, we can get rid of this Lua line.

    Or, you could do it like you did it in gMA2, loading a Lua function into the showfile that allows for these calculations.

    And then, simplify the line.

    In the end, the result will still be the same.

    Hi there,

    It's difficult to classify this under "expected" or "bug".

    However, this is not the intended output, obviously.

    We will resolve this at some point :)

    Sorry for not having a better answer at this point.

    When you type HelpLua in the command line, it will export all the gMA3 Lua Functions into a text file in your gma3_library folder.

    You can find it’s location in the System Monitor after you type the command.

    It’s a kind of API documentation and might take while to wrap your head around the syntax conventions.

    The best way to understand it would be to look at the descriptions of the functions that you already know :)


    Here below is an example that shows how to use Set, Create and Insert functions as well as using double quotations.

    Hi Haakke,

    To just output dimmer in gMA3 3D, select the fixture along with its sub-fixture and then press Full.

    A shortcut to select fixture & sub-fixture(s) together would be to type <Fixture ID> followed by "."(dot) and then press Full.

    Ex: Fixture 1. Full

    Why does this happen?

    At the moment, the 3D only visualises the sub-dimmers that are defined hierarchically within the geometry of the fixture.

    The geometrical references that allow referring of instances to individual geometry outside the parent body of the fixture (like "Aura" in this case) are not visualised.

    You can see the differences when you look at Martin Mac Aura XB [Extended].

    Of course, this only affects the 3D and not the actual DMX output.

    Besides, this kind of control actually helps for certain fixtures like Vari-Lite VL5LED Wash, where the Main Dimmer control should not also control the LED Blades.

    Regardless, there are plans to improve this handling better than what we had previously.

    I hope that answers your question :)




    In summary, you need Fixture's Attributes on Faders(you could probably edit your Title/Subject to this maybe ?).

    This is not possible at the moment at least.

    There is a wish for ChannelPages to be implemented in gMA3.

    If this is implemented, then you could assign each attribute to an individual fader.

    FYI, in gMA2, this command did the job:

    Assign Fixture 1 Attribute Thru At ChannelFader 1.1

    The faders can then also replicate the actual value of the fixture, when you are running a Cue, etc, like you asked.

    Hope that helps!




    It happens when the console is not properly shutdown.

    See if you can reproduce it by directly turning it OFF (not recommended normally).

    If yes, then please make sure that you shutdown console properly from next time.

    If the problem occurs even when you shutdown properly, then please contact your distributor.

    Hope that helps,