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    So far it is not possible to select a other midi source.

    That means the midi from the commandwing is selected by default and this can't be changed so far.

    A other way to get timecode into onPC without additional hardware is Art-Net Timecode.

    Hey Nick,

    when you set the new Dimmer Values, what happens it activates the current Delaytimes in the Programmer.

    You can use also the OFF Hardkey and click on the Delay Button in the Encoderbar.

    That will remove the Delay from the Programmer and the Values that are stored then don't have Delay Values anymore....

    It is not exactly like in gma2 but in the Phaser Editor you can find the "Mirror at X -axis" option.

    That mirrors the Pan/Tilt Values.

    To use it, you need to select the Fixtures you want to be mirrored.

    If you then apply a Phase of e.g. 0 thru 360 thru 0 you should get a symmetrical effect.

    Hey comeauxn712,

    this crash happens because you have some undefined attributes in your showfile.

    There are two ways to fix it:

    1) Change the Fixturetypes from your showfile against Fixtures from the grandMA2 Lib in the grandMA3 Software.

    2) Assign the Attributes to a Feature.

    To do this go to Setup-Patch-Attribute Definitions

    In the List you see, the Colum "Feature" should not be empty.

    -->See attached Screenshot

    This Bug is already known and should be fixed in the upcoming versions...

    Hey jeverett,

    you are right, Programmer-Time together with Blind On/Off is not implemented yet.

    But something like this is already implemented.

    Blind has now a Master.

    With that Master you can crossfade between Blind On and Blind Off.

    It is not what you asked for but maybe you can give it a try!

    The Universal Fixture is part of every showfile by default. To select it double tap on the Channel-Hardkey which creates Global in the commandline.

    You need to select "Global 1", that is the Universal Fixture.

    As Dominik already explained, you can go to the Settings of the Fixturesheet and enable "Globals" at the Masks Tap.

    Then you can see the Global IDs in your Fixturesheet.

    In the patch you can also change to the "Global Stage" where you can find the Universal Fixture and the Global Fixtures of your Showfile.

    Yes that is also a new feature in grandMA3.

    That is pretty cool regarding busking.

    Also the wish that this can be turned off is already on the list.

    At the moment there is no fullscreen action Button view.

    There are two workarounds:

    1) You can open multiple playback windows and configure them to show only the button rows.

    2) You can assign Sequences directly to the Layoutview.

    -->To change the Acton of the Button, you can press "Edit Layout", see Screenshot 2a

    Hey Gonda,

    I'm not sure if I understand you 100% but you already find a lot of options in the Fixturesheet, if you click on the MA Logo inside the window (window options).

    There you can achieve already a lot of powerful views, maybe you play around with that.

    The option natural is not there, I would suggest to use the "physical" readout Option.

    At the moment we have no CMY Encoderset. But you can set Colors using CMY in the Colorpicker Window in the RGB Tap.

    The RGB Tap also offers CMY Faders.

    Hey Rex,

    at the moment there are two ways to get custom 3D Objects into the 3D.

    1) MVR

    You can already export Vectorworks Drawings using MVR. MVR can of course contain your whole lighting setup but scenery as well.

    Or in your case only scenery....

    2) GDTF Builder

    The GDTF builder can be used to create Fixtures.

    You can also import 3ds files to create a scenery as well.