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    Thanks so much this was the issue!

    Hey guys,

    So im having this really annoying issue... I have a custom MA fixture type that imports and works just fine, except I want to slow down the rotate speed of the prism. Since dot 2 doesnt have a way to edit fixture types within the software, I edit my fixture type in MA 2 on PC and export it to my flash drive. I move the file over to the dot2/library folder and I can see it when I go to re import it into dot 2, but when i select it from my USB and hit OK, nothing happens. It wont import at all. no error messages or anything.

    Ive tried re installing the dot 2 software, updating to the latest version of MA 2 and exporting from that, use the internal folders on my PC instead of a flash drive, a different flash drive entirely, all with no luck.

    The closest i have gotten is importing the fixture type into MA fixture builder and then exporting from there, but it screws up the MA3D model.

    Any ideas on whats going on here?


    Hey yall,

    I tried making a post in the dot 2 forum but it wont let me since im too new.

    I need to make a model for the Chauvet Swarm 4 FX fixture and ive been trying forever to search high and low to find answers with no luck... Ive made several attempts to create my own fixture model and have failed every time.

    Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction? I dont need an exact model.. I just need to be able to visualize the colors and see when things are turning on and off and when the prism rotates and when strobes happen..

    please help!…WJ0rGCKBLYZ4npc


    I run MA3D on a AMD 3.2ghz quad core, 8gb ram, and a radeon HD 6850 (I think its a 6850, cant remember for sure at the moment) at around 40fps average. Not the best but it works for learning purposes. Blinders always bog down my system. Try playing with your rendering settings. I run MA3D at a fairly low quality setting because i care more about performance than looks with my visualizer.

    Hey guys,

    Ive got sort of an odd question. I have never before used MA 1 as I started learning Grand MA when MA 2 came out. My boss is making the switch from HOG to MA pretty soon and ive been trying to talk him in to an MA 2 console for months now. He doesnt like the idea of the on pc wing (for whatever reason) and doesnt want to spend 74k on the full size console (understandable).

    So he plans on getting the MA 1 full size pretty soon and im wondering how hard is it going to be for me to learn MA 1 when I know MA 2 fairly well?

    What will I have the most trouble with?

    Apperently he has had 14 bands recently request MA 1 and not 2. Whats up with that?

    Thanks for your help


    I am recently transitioning from QLC+ to MA2 and I have always used a PS4 controller for QLC as one of my midi controllers. I am just wondering if this is possible with MA2 and if so, how would I go about doing it?