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    Thanks so much this was the issue!

    Hey guys,

    So im having this really annoying issue... I have a custom MA fixture type that imports and works just fine, except I want to slow down the rotate speed of the prism. Since dot 2 doesnt have a way to edit fixture types within the software, I edit my fixture type in MA 2 on PC and export it to my flash drive. I move the file over to the dot2/library folder and I can see it when I go to re import it into dot 2, but when i select it from my USB and hit OK, nothing happens. It wont import at all. no error messages or anything.

    Ive tried re installing the dot 2 software, updating to the latest version of MA 2 and exporting from that, use the internal folders on my PC instead of a flash drive, a different flash drive entirely, all with no luck.

    The closest i have gotten is importing the fixture type into MA fixture builder and then exporting from there, but it screws up the MA3D model.

    Any ideas on whats going on here?