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    Thanks a lot guys!

    I did not know about the long press "page -" , thanks

    I couldn't find the way to fix groupmasters (which is unclear to me because I already use the fix option for my fog and other specials in my show )

    I'll have a look at it for sure, even if my faders on other pages aren't free...

    Thanks for the macro with variable and LUA

    For the time, I don 't know how to use variables, I think it will be a good start to work over it.

    Have a nice day



    I'm programming a show in which are multiple fader pages and sequences. At least, one per song.

    On my first page, I loaded the groupmasters I use and some speed/rate faders.

    I'd like to switch between pages to be able to access my groupmasters and speed masters quickly during the show.

    So I created a macro that calls page1 on each other page, and assigned it to a X1 button.

    Now, my problem. I cannot find a way to call back the previous page...


    I'm on page 8, I run a sequence and I switch to page 1 to adjust speed master and maybe cut off some lights... Now i'd like to go back to page 8.

    But, I don't want to create on page 1 a macro calling "page 8", but calling "the previous page", so that I have only one macro to create and to assign on a Xbutton of page 1.

    Is it clear ? (sorry my english is terrible)

    Is it possible? (i'm sure it is...)

    Thanks for your help


    Ok guys,

    I rebuilt the doors that were in the model.

    (These doors were in fact very much detailed... with screws and hinges ? )

    I also trashed the textures of every material.

    As result, the model is now 1Mb weight

    And 6 times less polygons

    I’ll try to upload it tomorrow in console

    Hi everyone

    I imported a 3D model of my theater in Gma3 software

    Since then, there’s a lag on the 3D window.

    The number of FPS has lower from 68 to 7 since i imported the model.

    no changes when I give priority to 3D.

    The model .3ds weights 7mo (doesn’t seem heavy)

    My computer us a Omen over powerful

    The graphic card is a RTX2060...

    There should not be any problems according to me.

    Any idea ?

    Thx for your answers


    Mind sharing the fixture profile? I got it to work in the end, but still not ideal...

    Yes that's possible

    To be more precise, I did only the mode 6 which I use more frequently

    And I created a "Feature Group" to gather the Flower effect and color functions all together (but I don't know if it will be exported with the fixture type...)

    The feature group is organized with 2 sub groups,

    1. Effect

    - Activation of flower effect

    - Flower effect color macros

    - Strobe Flower effect

    - Dimmer Flower effect

    2. Color

    - Flower R

    - Flower green

    - Flower Blue

    - Flower White

    Concerning the 3D part, I asked Robe to send me the 3DS file. But, you won't see each "pixel" because I created only one Beam in the fixture type...

    Actually, I don't need the see them in 3D (I work everyday with them in a theater...)

    But it would be a great training exercise ^^

    I try to upload it in MAfixtureshare.

    Your comments are most welcome

    I use Robin Spider too

    Facing many problems, I had to rebuilt the fixture type integrally. Based on the fixture type made by Sille (from MAfixtureshare^^) and thanks to the lesson of the learning platform.

    Now it works perfectly.

    But there was no other solution, I tried every fixture type I found online, without success.