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    Hi Lars,

    This doesn't seem to answer my question as it doesn't seem to apply to what I am attempting.

    What I am attempting to do is import the fixture profiles FROM USB to the INTERNAL drive. This way, when I go to "Add new Fixtures", then "Select Other" I will find the new Fixture Profile on the list without the need to scroll through to a separate drive as this seems to be beyond my boss' capabilities.

    In other words, the fixture profile was downloaded from MA Fixture Share, and is already on the USB Drive I am trying to move it from there onto the Internal Drive

    So, up until now, the fixture profiles that I have added to my dot2 have been sitting on a usb stick plugged into the back of my desk. This in itself is fine, I import them into every new show that I create, which is annoying but doable.

    Problem is, my boss can't seem to figure out how to open fixture profiles on a usb when he creates a new show.

    In order to help him out I have been looking into finding a way to import fixture profiles into the library on the internal drive, not just into the show. Except there doesn't seem to be a way to do so anywhere.

    Any forums and manuals I have looked at will only show you how to get a fixture profile into a show, no further.

    Anyone have any ideas how to do this. I'm getting sick of getting calls on my day off to tell him how to do it.