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    I'm trying to change fade time to individual parameter, as color or dimmer in a cue from a sequence and is not possible to do it in fixture sheet as in MA2.....of course on fixture sheet I select on tool bar fade, it appears on grey color fade of cue but is no able to change it.... I can do it only on tracking's really strange....anyone see this?

    I'm on last version


    I'm on tour with a Theatre Show with some Martin Rush, so it is a really simple show, basically conventional.

    Two weeks ago OnPC software crashes during the show. With any reason the software closes, I lost DMX output and Had to start again the software. It wash with v1.4.

    So I decided to upgrade to v1.6 becasue I thought I will be more stable.

    So Today it crashes 2 times during the show, So it's very annoying and I have the producer very angry with me because I encourage to prodution to bet for MA3 instead to other Desk.

    My system is allways under SAI.

    OnPC Command Wing

    Intel NUC i7 10th gen

    SSD evo 540Gb

    32 Gb RAM

    Iiyama 22inch touch screnn

    Windows 10 Pro

    No internet connection

    Qlab sending OSC to Go+ cues


    Hi all,

    I'm on the begining of a theatre tour with a new command wing. I would like to now how to do a dmx test output as in MA2, with a patched fixtures with a non patched addresses as well. Is it implemented?

    Also, multipath, is implemented ? It is really very helpful when you are on a tour!!


    Hi all,

    I recently installed v1.5.2.1 on my PC windows based, where I had installed reviously v1.4.2.1. So I deleted one to install the new one.

    I'm on a Theatre basic show with only dimmers, and all cues played through OSC sended from a MacPro Qlab4.

    So, where before OSC was working, with new version It's impossible to play cues, I imagine that the cmd is the same than previous version....There is no way to play a cue, the only thing that I could make it work is to move a fader to full or to zero.

    The other thing is that, on my fixture sheet, when a do a GO+, the values for every dimmer changes on 0 time, but on the stage (on a real world), those dimmers change values corresponding on cue times, for example on 10 sec....

    Also, when a pull up the seq. fader to full, when I'm over 20% of the fader, the cue puts at full...

    I tried to reinstall version, and OSC is working again, and changing values works fine again....

    I tried to start a new show wiht the new 1.5 version, I mean a clean start (because I thought that may be those issues was because the show was created on 1.4 version and I'm trying to play with 1.5v) but anyway still happen, OSC not working and values change on 0 time on sheet.

    Any idea?