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    Thank you for the edit. I see...

    So the workflow in version 1.6 was a bug but for me it was a feature. 😅

    Yeah something like you said would be cool. I will try and reach out to a distributor.

    Until then I will try to remember to manually store/remove manual data that conflicts with my new recipes.

    Thanks for looking into it!

    That is what I originally expected as well but unfortunately the overwrite of the one recipe with one attributes kills everything in my cue regardless of which attribute etc

    I mean I can use the programmer parts to implement a recipe from the start into the cue but what I wanted is to change a preset in the cue to a recipe after I stored it in the cue.


    Yes the "Value" column has color informations.

    I just tried it once again with version 1.6 and in there my recipe cooks automatically and has the desired effect.

    I looked through the release notes again and found this in the Bug fixes


    Cook /Merge of cues overwrote manually stored data of the cue. This bug is fixed. Manual
    data of a cue is now preserved when cooking the recipe of a cue again.

    This seems to be what I causes. I have to manually store remove the manual preset data from the Cue itself to "make room" for the recipe data. Which is a weird workflow in my opinion.

    For example If I store a lot if informations in one cue and later on the DOP wants a delay swipe. Then I would make a recipe in the Cue and cook/merge but this just seems to have gotten more complicated. Any ideas on how to streamline this?


    I am trying to figure out a good workflow for using recipes in Cues.

    I am doing film work so I want to be able to quickly see and change the layers and matricks in the recipe in the cues.

    But whenever I have more attributes in one Cue Part (for example DIM and Color in Cue 1 Part 0) and add a recipe for some MAtricks for the Color (nothing happens as expected), then I cook it and want to merge. And again then nothing happens and it doesn`t get cooked.

    When I Overwrite then it cooks but... well, overwrites my other informations in this que part.

    Does anybody have an idea for a good workflow with this?

    I like that with the recipes in the cues I can see my layers, fade, delay, Matricks etc quickly in the Sequence Sheet and adjust if necessary. But I am lost with why it doesn`t cook/merge

    Version 1.7

    any ideas? Thanks everybody


    Beginner question again. I was looking for a long time but didn't find the answer for what I am looking for.

    Pretty basic but I want to do a Speed Fade from X BPM Cue 1 to Y BPM Cue 2.

    Like the drumroll before a drop. I used Speedmasters to control the Speed which is good for busking but I want to do it more precise with Cues.

    Which feature or option am I missing here?

    Thanks in advance


    Beginner question here. I guess something really basic.

    I want Temp Buttons/Executors to include my informations I stored in the OffCue. But not only the Standart Fade of the OffCue (which works) but an Individual Fade Time, Delay, MaTricks, Recipes etc.

    So that If I release the Temp Button he considers my Recipes, Matricks, Fade and Delay Times etc and plays them back as the OffCue.

    For example I release the Temp Button and my Lights don't only fade out but fade out with a fade "from - to" and some Matricks (Wings of 2 etc).

    A workaround would be also good to know. I tried it with Follow Cues to achieve the same effect but then I don't know how to Auto-Off the Sequence where I stored the Temp Execeutor.

    Something like the Go+ Release from GM2 would be perfect but I can't find something like.

    Thanks in advance