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    I can see now this issue comes about because the sequence has an Off Cue Time... Is there any reason (of course it should work regardless) why a temp sequence would need an Off time?

    I'd turn it around. Isn't the whole point of using temps (compared to flash) that timings are considered?

    I use temp-button and faders all over the place but mainly for my main-per-fixturetype-dimmer-fader, because I want to "flash" it with an offtime which looks way more organically in my opinion...and you can't have a temp-button without a temp-fader in that scenario...

    Okay MA,

    Two "Bug-Fixes" later and it is still not working correctly in

    Honestly! Please explain to me how this can be? I know for sure I'm by far not the only one who is struggling with this very annoying bug. And I'm also not the only one who's reported it.

    Really getting frustrated here!

    Kind regards

    Hi there,

    I noticed the following problems with the new offset function in patch:

    1) Offset can only be set in percent or hex not in physical values (which is the only thing that makes sense to me)

    2) Only positive offsets can be assigned (Had a group of fixtures yesterday that were pointing 90 degrees to the right without offset. The only way to offset them in a way so that they pointed correctly was by offsetting them by 270 degree (instead of - 90) which meant there was no pan-range left - makes the whole thing kinda pointless :D

    3) Offsetting fixtures also affect their rotations in 3d. Doesn't make any sense to me.

    Am I doing something wrong? Never have understand why it took so long to implement such a basic feature and now that it's there it's still completely useless in my eyes.

    I found so many bugs in 1.5. within minutes - please let me know if I can help you out beta-testing for future versions - don't mean it passive-aggressively!

    I'm a big fan of MA but getting a bit frustrated here.

    Kind regards

    When having a tempfader with an intensitycue in it (nothing else stored) the lights don't smoothly fade out when lowering the fader quickly. They stop at 25% remaining there for whatever fadetime is assigned to the offcue before snapping out.

    Very annoying bug which makes 1.5 unusable for me. ;(

    Hi everybody,

    got a sequence with more than one cue assigned to a temp-button-executor. Auto Start, Auto Stop enabled. Wrap around enabled.

    Restart first works.

    Restart current cue/next cue only works as long as there is no off fade or off delay time assigned.

    i.e. loading cue 2 via cmd and triggering the exec shows cue 2 the first time; triggering it again shows cue 1 (restart current enabled)

    Is this a bug or am I missing something?

    Would love to use this feature!

    Kind regards

    Hello everyone,

    Any idea why I can't get a recipe working with a MAtricks - shuffle preset? The MAtricks-preset only contains xyz-shuffle information but it is not applied to my recipe no matter what I try (singlestep-presets, phasers, relative, absolute). Doesn't work for both cue- and presetsrecepies.

    Is that a known limitation? Would be great to have!

    Kind regards

    Hi Daniel,

    thanks for your reply! As Felipe said this unfortunately doesn't really help. My goal is to have a Stomp-All-Executer that I can temporally bring in - stomping all color-, dimmer- and positionphasers that are currently running. In a busking scenario these may come from different places in the showfile.

    Would love to have a solution for that since it would have been a pretty easy task to achive in ma2.

    Nevertheless - keep up the great work!

    Kind regards

    Hi Gang,

    I finally made it to the ma3 world. Working on a very basic busking-show I stumbled across the following problem:

    I have a "base"color (let's say it's blue) playing back from a sequence.

    On top I have a 2-step-color-phaser - absolute values coming from 2 colorpresets - (let's say red and amber). This one is played back from a different executor with a temp fader and on a higher priority than the blue base-color. So far so good. Everything's working as expected and I can bump the colorphaser on top of the base look.

    Now I need to stomp this color phaser temporarily with a third, different button executor. But stomping the color and storing it to the exec just gives me the first step of my color phaser (red) instead of the blue baselook, which is what I want. I understand that's kind of conceptually the right behavior but how can I achive what I want?

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards
    monster :)  

    Hallo liebes MA-Lighting Team,

    zunächst einmal vielen Dank für eure Arbeit und die tollen Produkte! Ich bin seit einigen Tagen dabei, mich auf der dot2 onPC einzuarbeiten und fürchte, ich könnte in nächster Zeit die ein oder andere Frage haben - nur schonmal so als Vorwarnung :P

    Zu folgendem Szenario, bräuchte ich bitte einen kurzen Tipp:

    Mein Plan ist es, pro Fixturetyp eine Cueliste mit verschiedenen Dimmereffekten anzulegen und diese auf je einem Faderexecutor abzulegen. Der erste Cue soll dabei einfach nur eine Intensität von 100% haben; der zweite Cue soll beispielsweise ein "Softdimmer"-, der dritte ein "Harddimmer"-Effekt sein.

    Funktioniert soweit alles problemlos und wie gewünscht. Allerdings habe ich das Problem, dass beim Dimmen durch den Fader von Cue 2 und 3 (also dort, wo die Effekte laufen) die Lampen nicht mehr proportional dimmbar sind:

    Zur Erklärung: Mein Harddimmereffekt sieht so aus, dass von vier Lampen eine komplett an und drei komplett aus sind (Width 25%, Low Value 0%, Highvalue 100%). Solange der Fader auf 100% steht, sieht das aus wie erwartet. Dimme ich den Fader aber auf 90%, haben plötzlich auch die drei Lampen, die eigentlich aus sein sollten, eine Intensität von ca. 50%.

    Ich vermute dass dies mit dem Tracking zusammen hängen könnte und Werte aus dem 1. Cue - 100% On - (ungewollt) getrackt werden, sobald ich den Dimmereffekt mit dem Fader auf 90% begrenze, denn wenn ich die Cues anders anordne (Cue 1 an letzter Stelle der Cuelist) funktioniert es genau wie erwartet. Die Cues in der Cueliste zu "protecten" schafft leider ebenfalls keine Abhilfe.

    Bitte helft mir! Was mache ich falsch? :)

    Ich arbeite mir der dot2 onPC Version

    Vielen, vielen Dank für eure Hilfe!

    Liebe Grüße