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    Thanks for your answer and excuse me for my late one.
    I must say that there are things that I do realy miss particularly two option that I can't find.
    It's about fades.
    For example I store an effect on a playback executor. How do I turn it into "fade to fader" mode (aka "temp" fader on MA2) because sometime you just want to fade your cue list in and not just do an ON/OFF type of thing.

    Other thing that i find weird is that there is no speed master other than the Rate one which is useless because it changes everything. How can I do one? And how can I assign certain chasers to one speedmaster and others to an other speedmaster?

    Other than that, the console works just fine and is realy well built and thaught.
    Thanks for your help,

    For now I am just trying the software. And I'll post here my notes, comments, stuff I like stuff I dislike and questions about this new product. Likeso I won't spam the forum of multiple threads.

    Ok then, First thing that striked me was the overall look/design of the On PC sofware. I must say it is not so pleasant to look at and to work on. But I guess it is V1.1.0 and it will just enhance in the future (eventhough it is just a cosmetic problem).
    But Then I was surprised by th ease of use/programming. It is great and well thought. As is connecting to the 3D software and using it for positions.
    And then 2 thing suprised me. The first was that there is no general preset screen. You cannot have positions, colors, beams and so on, on one screen. I thought that this was weird (Or did I miss something?). The other thing was the unability to change fader modes. You can change the buttun (for ex: go, flash, toggle,...) But you can't change the faders (for ex: temp fader instead of master fader).

    And for now it is it, I hadn't the time to go deeper into the programm. But I must say on an overall look I am realy enjoying and looking forward to this!