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    Yes I am talking about that. And I already am very grateful for that web remote which has been pretty useful. But managing the console from a remote location is not only what RDM is about. It is also about managing distant fixture from the console (for example: adressing fixtures, changing fixture mode, etc...). For example I work in a theatre which has quite a lot of ETC's source four LED which are "RDM-able" and I would love not to have to always go to the fixture to address it and choose it's mode of operation but to simply do it from the desk.

    I know I'm coming back at it, and i know it is no small feature.

    But i have to admit that I, and certainly others, would love to have RDM compatibility on our dot 2.
    Secondly i don't really understand why not implementing it in the first place? I work mainly in small to medium sized theatre which all have the benefit of having some RDM fixtures, but this benefit is lost because my desire is to work with the MA philosophy because i like it and i like your products (dot2 more precisely as I would never need an overkill gMA2 in those places which have RDM) and i do not wish to turn over to the dark ETC side which on their new ColourSource 40AV console (direct dot2 concurrent to my eyes) have enabled RDM.

    Would you be kind enough to explain to me the reasons of not implementing RDM? Is it a hardware problem (like pins 4-5 of the dmx connectors are not soldered to the pcb?)?

    Thanks for your time.

    A feature that i would find useful is to have the dimmer percentage on the rectangles representing the fixtures in those 5 "grid-scenes" we can create by ourselves. Actually it's just fading from black to white or vice-versa, but it would be nice to add that little bit of info (particularly useful for theatrical application).

    And another thing, It would be nice for generic dimmer to be able to give the a color according to the lee and rosco catalog so we could even more easily find out which rectangle is which fixture.


    Thanks for your nice and complete answer!
    Yeah I already use and audio interface for midi. The idea was to travel longer distances with the ethernet cable. But i get it. It's once again Apple's monopolitic commercial ways that screw's it up. Too bad.

    Thanks a lot! appreciated

    So I tried out different stuff. And I fell on something that looks like a bug? I am not sure if it is the normal behavior.
    So as I said in this thread, the console doesn't seem to respond or even recieve MSC command over ethernet (although I guess this is more some kind of network issue). So if I deactivate the MSC in and activate the MSC out over ethernet and look on the Midi console, everything seems to be normal (aka each time I press go+ a go message is sent via midi.). Now if I activate both MSC in and out over ethernet it seems that the console sends information to itself and enters a loop of go command. Although it might just be me doing something wrong. Here it is in video:!Amx56CZNlTFgi_lk0BQ2ZeGClzmfPg
    So I wondered if maybe we could tell the dot2 from which IP address it is coming it would make the communication easier? Or maybe if we could assign ourselves the IP address of the console to try it out in different network configuration

    Of course, take the time you need, I'm in no hurry and just trying different setups to enhance the workflow in my theatre.

    Yes you understood correctly, Midi network setup is part of OSX and not Qlab. In Qlab you can just specify in which network you want the midi information to go.

    Thanks for your help I realy appreciate it!

    EDIT: A small update, I just tried to add the Mac into the network to see if adding it into the network would turn it into some sort of recipient for a pinging answer coming back from the dot2. It didn't change anything.

    Thanks for your help. That kind of sorted it in a way.
    The Midi network has been created, the dot2 is recognized(we can see it under the tab "participants"). So when I click connect, I guess the midi network setup is pinging the dot2. Thing is, after some time (20-30sec) the dot2 doesn't seem to respond to that pinging. I've double checked the addresses and the firewall, everything seems to be fine. Any ideas? Is there a firewall on the dot2 that would block an unknown incoming signal?

    [Blocked Image:]

    Again, thanks for your support!

    I have to be a little more precise. The problem is coming either from the console or from my mac (not Qlab) (although i know it's me and not the hardwares/software that are doing errors). They are not communicating with each other. To create a Midi network on mac, you have to use "Audio MIDI setup" and go in the networking options.

    here's what it looks like:
    [Blocked Image:]

    To connect my mac to the console I need to tell it what/where/who (I guess) the console is. So I add an entry in the Directory and here is what is asked:
    [Blocked Image:]

    So in the name I wrote dot2, in the host I wrote dot2, and in the port I wrote 6004. Here's the error message I get:
    [Blocked Image:]

    So there i am lost. What would be the host name?

    Thanks for your precious help!

    Hello everyone!
    So I'm trying to make this work, but I can't figure it out. My goal is to control the console with Qlab via MSC for a show.
    My console and my mac are on the same network ( cables+switch). My console is setup to recieve MSC via ethernet on port 6004. Now on my mac, in the "midi network setup" I'm asked to give three reference about the console: The name, host and port. I've written dot2 for the name ( although I guess it can be whatever I want) and 6004 for the port. But I can't figure out what the host is. I tried to write dot2, it doesn't work.Can anyone help?

    Thanks for your answer. I already knew the workarounds. But yeah I'll have to stop asking things that are already doable :P What I really meant was those features without the command function. But that just me not wanting to type easy code :P

    I have to say this console is amazing. Doing all my shows on it, just bought one for the theater where I work. The new firmware version is great! Thanks for your work!
    About the wanted improvement:

    Well more speedfader
    possibility to use Master section for Speed fader
    mouse enable on internal screens
    ma wings 2 Selektion macro (i know the workaround but naaah)
    possibility to turn off executer timings like Master Rate and speed (very important to me)
    Overwrite programmer with next/new Cue like gma

    - RDM support
    - For the Cue lists, a "jump" function which allows the cue, once executed to jump to the cue N°of our choice
    - For the Master Cue , the possiblity to put a chaser as a cue

    I just had one question about the 3D.
    Is it possible to import plan out of autocad for example into the 3D software so I don't have to do it all again?

    Thanks for your help and time!