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    I have been using the Dot2 since the first software release but have recently ran into some issues. The company I work for has six of these desks but recently I have been having reliability issues on all of the desks. I have a trouble ticket in with ACT for this issue but I have switched desks and the problem has continued on the new desk.

    Basically the control surface will crash so I can't push any faders or executer buttons, the programmer buttons do nothing but light up, the screens go to the Dot2 booting logo, direct DMX outputs stop working. If I am using an external monitor, keyboard, mouse and sACN output I can control any feature available through that interface. Because the show file is still active a Crashlog is not created.

    First I am wandering if anyone else has seen this issue with (I know Covid has kept most desks on the self)

    Second is their a command to force a restart of all or part of the desk surface without hard restarting the board? This will allow me to still hit the critical cue without dropping the rig.

    The easy fix is

    Copy Cue 1 to Cue 1.5 then set trigger to follow with fade of 3 sec. On playback your stack will delay 30 sec then trigger Cue 1 then auto follow to cue 1.5, and wait for GO+ for Cue 2. If you press the GO+ during the delay it will progress directly to Cue 1.5 with a fade of 3 and that will have the same output as Cue 1.

    Have Fun

    I have had this experience for a while. If I have two or more executor handles controlling the same fixtures I get some strange results. When one or both handles are at full they work LTP as I would expect. If both faders are below 100% any fixture that is controlled by both executors outputs above the level of the other fixtures in the respective playbacks. I understand that this is the same as Soft LTP on the MA1 & MA2. I thought a HTP option was in the earlier software of the Dot2 (though not fully functional) but is not present in When using executors as simple submasters the HTP option is needed.

    I have had an issue where I have attempted to connect a dot 2 to an existing house where the existing SACN control device is set at 100(have used other desks in this space with no issue using priority over 100). Is it possible to change the SACN priority through the command line or could a Low, Mid, High (50,100,150) priority option be added to the next software patch?