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    at the moment my workaround is to change my non-gdtf fixtures to a gdtf fixture, then mvr export + import and then change it back to the fixtures i used at the old showfile.

    I thought that the solution would be Import/Export Datapools, but the last time i did it, i loosed all information in recipe seq, presets etc.


    this is my solution. Maybe not the best, but for the moment it works good for me.

    I have this "Main Recipe Phaser Presets"

    - Dim Spot (21.101)

    - Dim Wash

    - Dim Beam

    - Dim LED

    Same for move or color.

    Explain it to the Spot group:

    Group 144 Spot Sym (left to right selection)

    Group 145 Spot Down (up to down selection)

    The Recipe Preset "Dim Spot" has the content in Recipe Line 1 - Group "Group 144 All Spot Sym"; Preset 21.1 "Chase" (Predefined Chaser Preset from the pool); MAtricks "6363 Phaser 3grps".

    Then i have some macros to change the content of the recipe

    1. Dim horizontal

    - Assign Group 144 At Preset 21.101.1 // so the Phaser will run left to right

    2. Dim vertical

    - Assign Group 145 At Preset 21.101.1 // so the Phaser will run up to down

    As in gma2 to change the running direction i change the MAtricks for exampel

    1. Run forwards

    - Assign MAtricks 6361 At Preset 21.101.1 // this MAtricks is Phase 0 Thru 360

    2. Run backwards

    - Assign MAtricks 6362 At Preset 21.101.1 // this MAtricks is Phase 360 Thru 0

    With the change of the MAtricks i also change Groups, Wings, Blocks

    To change the Form of the Phaser it looks like

    1. Assign PWM

    - Assign Preset 21.525 (this is my PWM Phaser) At Preset 21.101

    2. Assign Sin

    - Assign Preset 21.526 (this is my Sin Phaser) At Preset 21.101

    In that way you can do it with all your Phaser.

    Hope it helps a little bit.


    I have a problem with updating recipes. I have a macro that should replace the beam preset in a recipe.

    I was able to reproduce the problem to 2 fixture types in my show. There is an "All-Beam-Open" preset with the content Shutter, Frost, Iris and Prisma.

    If I assign the preset to a group with a fixture type with no prism for example (SGM P-5), the onPC crashes. I could see the same thing with Smarty Hybrid and the Iris, for example.

    By the way, the problem also exists if I want to update the recipe preset without a macro and do it directly in the menu. The problem is only in the beam featuregroup. For example the missing pan/tilt or zoom is no problem for the P-5.

    So i think its a bug mit "Beam". Is it a know problem? Somebody else with these problems?



    my macros for this looks like

    - Blind

    - Group 1 thru 4

    - At Preset 4.1

    - Store Preset 21.3 (in my case i have an 21.3 preset "use executer all"

    - ClearAll

    - Blind

    I have the same problem. If there is an Seq with 3 cues (like All 1, All 2, All 3) and i update the all preset, the cuelist will stop and i have to restart it for the new values. So a realtime update like MA2 is at the moment not possible. I hope that will be fixed.