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    Hi Axel,

    All-Presets are not implemented in the dot2. Therefore there is no pool for this presettype.
    Please do not forget that this console is not a "small grandMA2", because of this some functions are unfortunately not available...

    best regards,

    Hey Yaneck,

    thanks for your feedback!

    You are right there is no possibility to create a preset screen for all your preset types. But by changing the feature on the right side of screen one, you have a very fast access to all your preset types...personally I did not miss a screen which includes all preset types. But that is just my personal opinion.

    Regarding the size of onPC: please take a look at the small arrow key in the top right corner of onPC. By tapping on this button you can change the scaling of the software when it is not in fullscreen mode.

    Best regards,

    Hi Axel,

    to be honest this can be a lot of work in future...we try to filter the threads and when there is something really interesting then we will post it also in the international forum.

    Is this okay for you?


    Im Moment ist es leider nicht möglich die Virtuellen Playback korrekt zu beschriften. Steht aber auf der "to do" Liste! ;)

    The dot2 should be a simple console without confusing options and so on!
    To make the console easy to use we try to implement a minimum number of options...for this reason the chances of getting more sequence options are not to big.

    Hallo Andy,

    das sollte möglich sein! Sofern du den onPC nicht im Fullscreen Modus betreibst...
    Schau mal oben rechts in die Ecke, dort findest du einen Doppelpfeil. Mit dem Doppelpfeil kannst du bestimmen was dir angezeigt werden soll und somit auch die Anzahl der angezeigten Bildschirme festlegen!


    That's difficult to say...After the release we collect the feedback from the market and try to prioritize the wishes and recommendations. So please take the software as it is in the moment and look at what will happen in the future! ;)

    Hi Max,

    no unfortunately you don't miss anything. Shortcuts aren't available for the dot2 onPC.


    Hi Compi,

    dies ist leider nicht vorgesehen, der dot2 onPC bildet den komplett Ausbau einer Konsole ab. Zu dieser maximalen Ausbaustufe gehört eben auch der besagte "Externe Screen". Dieser ist jedoch nicht vom normalen View lösbar.

    Dafür gibt es aber in der Topzeile, über den Screens, eine Scrollbar mit der Sie zu dem jeweiligen Screen scrollen können.

    Viele Grüße,

    Hey Bas!

    is there a session running in your Network?
    Please make sure that all sessions are stopped during the installation, and try to install it again!



    Connecting the wings via a switch has also a great advantage: It doesn't matter where the wing is attached/placed. Via network you can place the Wing maybe on the stage to get short access to some lights, without running the whole way back to the FOH...

    ACT presents dot2 on USITT

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    have fun! :)