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    I hope you’ll see this message with the recent spam wave.

    Is it possible to make an executor that when active shifts the colorwheel 1 position?

    I know i can make an executor that sets the color to white, so i can flash my beams in white or whatever predefined color, but i want the executir to be relative to whatever color i’m in currently.

    For example on mac250’s, green and pink are next to each other on the wheel, so if my lights are green, if i press the button, yhey should go pink. So i would have 2-colored chases without the need for one chaser per base color.

    I suppose my question relates to effects that are relative-positioned. Is that possible in dot2, and how?


    Thanks astandera, you put me on the right path.

    What I had missed is the fact I had to type these commands in the command line. I was searching for a button in one of the calculators. If anyone faces the same issue, here is a little memo of how I got it working:

    1) Select group of fixtures A, set the dimmer to 0%
    2) Deselect fixtures, select group of fixtures B
    3) Click on Command Line, type "Release PresetType 1" (preset type 1 is Dimmer, they're numbered in the order of the programmer tabs)
    4) Store that to an exec
    5) Select group of fixtures B, set the dimmer to 0%
    6) Deselect fixtures, select group of fixture A
    7) click on Command Line, type "Release PresetType 1"
    8) Store that to the same exec, choose Add as a new cue
    9) Click edit, tap the button of the exec we just created, this opens the list of cues
    10) Click on the wrench at the top right, and activate the first option "is chaser" (and optionally use Master Speed 1)

    At this point, clear clear clear, activate the exec and tadaaa, it works!

    What really confused me is that there was no feedback that my "Release PresetType 1" command had worked. The documentation says that "R" should be displayed in the fixtures view, but i saw no such thing, it displayed 0% as well. Nonetheless, it works. Thanks!


    I'm new to dot2, and I'd like to operate it in a club environment.

    I have a dozen of Martin Mac 250 Krypton. I have a fader to control the dimmer intensity, and I'd like to create a simple chase of them blinking on and off in groups, following Master Speed 1 and also following the dimmer fader.

    I'd like specifically a cue so that i can build on that for more advanced stuff.

    So I selected half of the heads, put their dimmer at 0%. Then saved that to an exec button as a cue.

    Then I cleared-cleared, selected the other half of the heads, put their dimmer at 0%, and saved that to the same exec as a second cue.


    When I enable it as a chaser and push the exec button, half the heads turn off, then the other half turn off as well, and they all stay off.

    How do I have them come back on without specifically saying i want them at 100%? I think it has something to do with releasing them, but i haven't found any release button or value to set them at.