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    Looking back into my basic computer programming from eons ago; a 'list' is an array of data with multiple asking for a 'list' you're asking the 'machine' to 'print' all data associated with the object on screen when the command is executed.

    good luck!

    Is there any documentation available for the List items e.g. List 10.4.2.*.* /filename=mypatch
    Where can I find out more on the items available to be listed?

    this is not possible with the Fixture Builder. You need to change code in the XML-File. That's why I said that we can adjust the fixture type for you! ;)
    So if you would upload the fixture type or send it to we can solve this for you!


    Hi Lars, I managed to change the code in the XML file and loaded the updated XML into the console. Thanks so much again for your advice! Completely solved my problem!

    Hi Lars

    Thanks for the response and advice!

    I have a few more follow up questions:

    >>To solve the issue in a quick way you can change to the Control Raw Dialog. Now you have control about the real DMX channel and can set the DMX value to the right value for a longer period then 5s. (See Screenshot Raw_Dialog)
    1. OK, so I can set the value using the raw control. So u have described how to set the value by dividing actual DMX value by 2.55, but how do I set the period? Or how do I control the period?

    2. I have managed to export to XML and use the Fixture Editor. Where do I specify the time period in the Fixture Editor if I want to change it from 5 seconds?


    Hi, I am having some problems after implementing MA Dot2 XLF. I have some problems turning the lamp on for my Terbly PT160S-R moving head. I am suspecting the value sent for lamp on is incorrect. I wanted to check using fixture builder but the files in the library are xmlp format. Is there a way to get the xml file for Terbly PT160S-R? Or does anyone have an updated version?

    Also, is there a way to send a command to a DMX channel with a certain value? From the manual, I can see only "dmx 1.1 at 100" which sets the value at 254 for 1.1. But is there a way to set the actual value instead of the percentage?