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    Some users report that grandMA3 xPort nodes display an incorrect Con1 interface selection in the network menu after IP address changes or Mode2/Mode3 changes.
    Instead of the MA-Net IP, the Art-Net IP is displayed in red. An 'Invite Station' is then not possible.

    This is how the interface is changed in the xPort Node in grandMA3 mode:

    In the xPort Node Setup Menu/Network/Con1 Interface, click Encoder,

    'Select Interface' Box opens, turn encoder to select the other interface, click encoder to confirm.

    Attached is a v1.9.3.3 show file where the grandMA3 fixture is changed. The physical from/to value for blue is now 0 to 1.

    For the RGB attributes RGB emitters are now created and entered in the attribute.

    Why the creator created it this way is a question to the creator. Maybe there are reasons or it is just a mistake.

    It is best to write a comment to the 'Yuer Lighting Proffesional' fixture creator in the GDTF share.

    ColorRGB Attributes are correct in the Fixture Type.

    On Top in your Patch you need the Universal Fixture Type with CID 1

    In the Fixture Type List the Universal Fixture Type must be on first position.
    Edit Universal Fixture Type must have 8 Attributes with 16 DMX addresses.

    The Software cannot handle Universal Data without a Universal Fixture Type.

    SelFix Sequence *
    Selects all fixtures used in all sequences

    Invert Fixture *

    Selects all unused fixtures in all sequences

    Then you know which IDs you can remove from the patch manually.

    If you only have fixtures with one instance and no grouping fixtures it works.

    But not with multi instance fixtures.
    You maybe have stored a Subfixture instance but not the top instance of that fixture and the result is wrong.

    Invert Fixture *.*

    can not solve the problem with subfixtures.

    Very complex.

    The 'cleanup' command is nice to remove unused data but clean up the patch is another story.


    you should send bugs to your MA distributor in your country if possible. The LUA forum is not the right place for this.

    The Shutter/Strobe attribute has several channel functions, e.g. Shutter Open and Strobe 1-20Hz.

    Currently it is not possible to create phaser steps between different channel functions.

    In Win11 22H2 the registry for storage devices has been changed.
    With the next bugfix v1.8.x.x the problem can only be fixed for the next bugfix installation.
    Unfortunately the problem cannot be fixed for previously installed grandMA3 onPC versions.

    The USB connection to the grandMA3 onPC command wing is not affected.


    we could also find the problem in MA-Support.

    After a Win11 update to the latest 22H2 version, no USB devices can be selected in the grandMA3 onPC software.

    The problem has already been forwarded to our development department and we are trying to find a quick solution for the problem.


    please check your hardware.

    Intel NUC i7 10th gen

    SSD evo 540Gb

    32 Gb RAM

    If this hardware has a Intel UHD Graphics on-board graphic then it has only Shared Video Memory.

    For grandMA3 onPC we need a graphic card with hardware acceleration. A minimal 1024Mb dedicated Video Memory is needed.

    That could be a reason for a sudden crash.


    if you want to switch off the sequence in the middle of a list of cues and you want Wrap Around to remain switched on, then you only have to set an Off command in a cue, e.g.

    Off Sequence "Name"

    Off Executor "Name"

    Off Page x.y
    Off Page "Name"."Name"


    Several solutions are possible.

    You import a dimmer and scroller attribute fixture with a DMX break to enter two DMX addresses.

    Several gel strings can be stored in the fixture.

    You can import separate fixtures with different gel strings.

    You can patch a grouping fixture and set a separate dimmer and scroller fixture below it.

    I think the grouping fixture is the best solution.

    In the Attribute Definitions menu, type in the command "Move".

    Then click on the attribute you want to move.

    Then click on the position where the attribute should be sorted.


    like in the grandMA1 and grandMA2 there is a HTP Merge in the grandMA3. Edit Universe x, Merge Mode "HTP".

    The temp faders also work like in the other software series. The temp faders only work from 0% to 100%. All fixture colour mixing channels, whether CMY or RGB, must control from 0% to 100%.

    You save a cue with all RGBWACMY and the dimmer attributes at 0% and switch it on.

    Then you save a single colour attribute to a single temp fader.

    You assign the temp faders to DMX addresses in the in&out/DMX Remote menu.

    The HTP value from the external desk can then control the dimmer.

    The external console parks all colour attributes to DMX 0% then the grandMA3 can adjust the colour attributes with the temp faders.