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    Looking forward to testing this out. One thing I think most, if not all, color picker plugins lack (not saying yours does because I haven't tested it yet) is the ability to store combinations of "picked" colors for easy recall. If I have a grid of 10 groups on my picker, and I make a selection of colors, I'd like to be able to hit a button and have that store to a macro or somewhere for quick, one button recall.

    The only time I recall seeing this functionality was in Jason Giaffo's plugin:

    Preset Grid Generator | Giaffo Designs | Lighting Design & Programming Tools
    Plugin Demonstration Playlist: 2 videos See video for original plugin (v2.1.2) This plugin will take user inputs for groups, color presets, and a few other…


    I have a fixture with 5 instances plus the main fixture.

    Is there an easy way to make selection on the grid and have them stack on the z axis?

    Right now, if I select fixture (301.) I get my selection along the X-axis

    As far as I can tell, the only way to stack these is to do:

    grid 0/0/0 thru 0/0/6 please, fixture (301.)

    Easy enough on a few fixtures, but takes FOREVER with large selections of lights.

    Maybe I'm missing an easier way.



    Ryan Kanarek

    Correct. Encoder invert, not DMX.

    When I spin my tilt encoder clockwise, all my lights except for my Mac Auras would tilt down stage toward front of house. I added the tilt encoder invert to the auras, now they play nice with everything else.

    When I open the calculator, and enter a direct value under natural readout, say “45” all my spots point upstage. My 2 electrics of R2X washes point downstage and my 2 electrics of auras point upstage.

    Trying to figure out how to make it so when I open the calculator, hit “45” all the lights go 45 downstage towards front of house.

    Having a bad case of brain fog at the moment.

    I have all of my moving heads set up with pan and/or tilt encoder inverts as needed, so that when I grab everything they all pan stage left or right together and tilt upstage and downstage together.

    In my encoder bar, if I have the readout set to "Natural" and open the calculator and enter a value of say "45" I have some lights that will go 45 degrees upstage and some 45 degrees downstage. What am I missing so that they all go the same direction when entering values directly -vs- using the encoder??



    With the help of my distributor, I believe we've narrowed it down to a Windows 11 network issue.

    I have no problems getting everything to connect using the scenario above on a windows 10 machine.


    In a perfect world, I'd love to have the time and energy to dig in and learn LUA and plugin coding.

    In the meantime, I have a few things that I'm in need of plugin wise that I'd like to pay to have developed.

    If there is anyone interested, please contact me at robgarciatech <at> gmail <dot> com and I can explain further what I'm looking for.

    If this type of post/request is not OK for this forum, feel free to delete.



    Correct, that is how I have it. Capture running on my laptop with the viz-key connected.

    Back on my desktop, I NEVER see the Viz-Key show up in the Network settings window.

    The only reason I ended up starting MA-3 on the laptop was to see if I could get the key to show up there.


    Not sure what I'm doing wrong...

    Here is my setup.

    Laptop (where I want to connect my viz-key + Capture to run) has an MA-Net IP address of

    Desktop where I want to run MA3 and program from has an MA-Net IP address of

    I can get both machines running in session with NO issues. But - I can't seem to get the Vis+Dongle line to ever show up under "NetworkNode" in Network settings.

    Back on the laptop however, if I run MA3, change the MA-Net Ip to the wifi adaptop (which is currently disabled) then it does show up. It's like the viz-key has binded itself to a certain IP.


    I have multi-instance fixtures where I "default" the parent fixture to 100.

    I understand in reading the release notes that IfOutput selects only fixtures that have non default values.

    But why doesn't it select instances of the fixtures that I have stored in a sequence with a dimmer value above zero?

    If I just use "IfOutput" it brings any single instance fixtures above zero into my programmer, but ignores any children on multi-instance fixtures that are above zero.

    If I use "ifoutput sequence 6" then I get everything I'd expect.


    I’ve taken the basic concept of the MA Startshow color picker and tweaked it a bit to suit my needs by adding additional colors and more than 6 lines etc.

    Looking for a clever way to punch up colors in each line and have that combination able to be recalled in some way.


    Best I can think of is setting a variable on every color sequence and make a macro that reads all those variables and stores them in some way. But with 15 colors across 10 lines/groups, it seems pretty cumbersome.

    Maybe a better way?


    Perfect, thanks. Was missing "call."

    Tried just "Macro" and "Go macro"

    No longer need the preceding "1." anymore either, just "macro_number.macro_line"