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    In response to robgarcia's request, I've added a "favourites" functionality to the color picker. On the left side of the layout you'll now see 16 slots to store CP favourite color configurations. To save a favourite configuration, select all the colors you want, tap the "Store favourite CP1 state" macro, tap one of the favourites and you're done.

    I've noticed on my GrandMA3 Full-Size console, the store favorite macro fails to work. Was in a rush and didn't get a chance to write down the error. Yet, it works fine on the same show file on OnPC. -Rob

    Try making 4 position presets with the following information:

    • Preset 1: Only tilt information with a lower tilt value (down)
    • Preset 2: Only tilt information with a higher tilt value (up)
    • Preset 3: Only pan information with a lower pan value (left)
    • Preset 4: Only pan information with a higher pan value (right)

    After you create the presets to define the space, you will want to Integrate Presets 1 and 4 into step one, then Presets 2 and 3 into step 2.

    Then, apply the following settings:

    • In MAtricks:
      • Phase 0 To 360
      • Transform: Mirror
      • XWings: 2
    • In the Phaser Editor:
      • Set the Form to Circle

    And that should get you a symmetrical circle within the defined area.

    **thank you to ACT Support who had helped me with this quite some time ago**

    I think I've found the problem. If you've never imported symbols into the show after installing / updating the software, you need to prepare access to the symbols library before importing the symbols themselves. It's like patching fixtures - you need to initialise the fixture library once after installation.

    This is now fixed.

    Sorry, still not working for me. Tried with an existing show file and a brand new one. -Rob

    You probably didn't import symbols into your show file, but in 1.9.7 this is no longer necessary.

    I've uploaded the latest version to the original post.

    I've downloaded the most recent file you've linked. Started a blank showfile in v1.9.7.0, patched 12 vipers in three groups of 4. Run the plugin and get the same result. The phase appearances are missing...

    Attached is what I see in my symbols pool.

    Meant to take a screen shot, but ran out of time.

    I guess after you choose the preset type etc. the plugin attempts to create a temp view where you then “collect” the presets.

    I just get a blank window with no preset pool, an error in the command line and the plugin terminates.

    Will be back in front of it on Monday.


    Looking forward to testing this out. One thing I think most, if not all, color picker plugins lack (not saying yours does because I haven't tested it yet) is the ability to store combinations of "picked" colors for easy recall. If I have a grid of 10 groups on my picker, and I make a selection of colors, I'd like to be able to hit a button and have that store to a macro or somewhere for quick, one button recall.

    The only time I recall seeing this functionality was in Jason Giaffo's plugin:

    Preset Grid Generator | Giaffo Designs | Lighting Design & Programming Tools
    Plugin Demonstration Playlist: 2 videos See video for original plugin (v2.1.2) This plugin will take user inputs for groups, color presets, and a few other…


    I have a fixture with 5 instances plus the main fixture.

    Is there an easy way to make selection on the grid and have them stack on the z axis?

    Right now, if I select fixture (301.) I get my selection along the X-axis

    As far as I can tell, the only way to stack these is to do:

    grid 0/0/0 thru 0/0/6 please, fixture (301.)

    Easy enough on a few fixtures, but takes FOREVER with large selections of lights.

    Maybe I'm missing an easier way.



    Ryan Kanarek

    Correct. Encoder invert, not DMX.

    When I spin my tilt encoder clockwise, all my lights except for my Mac Auras would tilt down stage toward front of house. I added the tilt encoder invert to the auras, now they play nice with everything else.

    When I open the calculator, and enter a direct value under natural readout, say “45” all my spots point upstage. My 2 electrics of R2X washes point downstage and my 2 electrics of auras point upstage.

    Trying to figure out how to make it so when I open the calculator, hit “45” all the lights go 45 downstage towards front of house.

    Having a bad case of brain fog at the moment.

    I have all of my moving heads set up with pan and/or tilt encoder inverts as needed, so that when I grab everything they all pan stage left or right together and tilt upstage and downstage together.

    In my encoder bar, if I have the readout set to "Natural" and open the calculator and enter a value of say "45" I have some lights that will go 45 degrees upstage and some 45 degrees downstage. What am I missing so that they all go the same direction when entering values directly -vs- using the encoder??



    With the help of my distributor, I believe we've narrowed it down to a Windows 11 network issue.

    I have no problems getting everything to connect using the scenario above on a windows 10 machine.