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    Good Morning,

    I am thinking into buy the stuff to controll my lightning system on the pc, but i really would like some hardware.
    So first i was thinking into buy the COmmand Wing. But thisone is really expensive here in Brasil.
    So now i saw that the Fader wing is cheaper. Would i be able to controll my light with the fader wing + pc, or would i need anything else that it works?

    Simeon Seelig

    Good Day all,

    I have follow problem, i got a sequence with diffrent cues, normally cue 2 takes unfilled places like dimmer over from cue 1.
    but in this case i would like to deactivate the cue tracking. I got a special effect on the Cue 1, wich is a Blue/white switch. i would like to have it deactivated on cue 2.
    but somehow it takes it over from cue 1. in the tracking i see that its from the cue 1.

    How do i deactivate this?

    Have a nice day
    Simeon Seelig