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    I'm struggling to customise the outputted OSC cmds.

    My goal is to send an updated OSC string each time a specific fader is moved.

    SendOSC 2 "/mix/chan/1/fader,f,xxx”

    Any advice on how to change the outputted OSC cmd with this plugin would be much appreciated.

    I’m looking for a way to send an updated OSC string each time a specific fader is moved.

    SendOSC 2 "/mix/chan/1/fader,f,xxx”

    The fader could be a plugin assigned to it or a sequence assigned. But must be a specific destination ie Page 40.201

    On the forum I have only found ways of doing this by running a plugin manually to send the updated SendOSC cmd or ways that detect fader movement but only the standard MA OSC string is outputed.

    Wondering if this is possible at all?

    Thanks for any advice

    This is a good point and clearly where I'm falling down.

    I'm looking to assign an Exec Config to all exec references of a selected sequence.

    Via Macro, I'm just trying to make the selected sequence/ exec buttons "Top" for example.

    Hannie, the selection with your method again again stays constant, which of course is the intended function of a shuffle x/y/z seed, although from a visual standpoint of a random effect, you start to see a repeating pattern of the selection order.

    I'm curious if anyone has come up with a way of randomising the seed of shuffle whilst the phaser runs (until MA come up with a way to do this)

    I believe Paul is referring to the selection order changing within the phaser. Yes shuffle changes the selection although it remains the same for the phaser (not random).

    I'm also looking for a way for the the XShuffle/YShuffle/ZShuffle seed to change during the phaser running.

    Hi All,

    I'm looking to recall the BPM from a speedmaster via CMD.

    Is there a way to save the BPM of a speed master to a variable?


    I think its really helpfull to store the programmer directly to a preset.

    I think it is possible to create a plugin for this. Finding which atribute is a what value/preset is easy.

    But the challenging part is to find the grouping/ fixture data. If you select group x and choose a red preset. I think its impossible to retrieve the group x.

    Exactly that, its the retrieval of the group which is tricky from a plugin / macro perspective.

    Hi All,

    Want to start with saying I’m loving the new 1.7 release.

    Does anyone have any experience with programming a complete show with recipes in cues? I use a series of macros in order to achieve a faster approach to populating cue recipe lines with presets and group information,

    In my opinion I feel there is one last piece missing of the perfect recipe workflow which is the ability to store programer input directly to recipe lines.

    Its almost impossible to build looks and store as recipes (at speed) using the current approach. Just having a store option to store as recipe would be a complete game changer.

    Would love to hear other peoples thoughts on this,


    Hi All,

    I'm struggling via CMD to Store and label a new recipe line at the same time.

    The reason I'm trying to label simultaneously as I have no way of knowing the variable of the recipe I just created.

    Store Cue Part 0. "label" /Merge

    Alternatively if there is a way of finding the highest number of recipe on a selected cue via a variable that would be great too.

    Any help would be much appreciated.