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    local SG_UserP = CurrentProfile().Name

    local SG_View = Root().ShowData.UserProfiles[SG_UserP].Views

    this will get the ViewPool of the first userprofile with the same name as the name of the userprofile of the current user.

    (userprofile names are not unique)

    unless this is actually what you want, consider to rather do:

    local SG_View = CurrentProfile().Views

    lua tables always count from 1

    local luatable = cu:Children()

    local part0 = luatable[1]

    What is the good method ?

    for cues and parts, where commandline numbering don't match lua table indexes the easiest method is in my opinion to use the ObjectList function, which returns a table with all objects matching the given commandline syntax, then take the first entry of that table, [1]

    local mypart = ObjectList('Cue 5 Part 0')[1]

    this seems to do the job:

    assign Toggle function when cue is executed, then assign Temp function half a second later via an empty additional cuepart

    e.g. exec 101:

    Cue 1 Part 0, Command: Assign Toggle Exec 101

    Cue 1 Part 1, CommandDelay:0.5, Command: Assign Temp Exec 101

    to my knowledge:

    only the mouse object has a get-able coordinates (cursor), not the touch object

    in Lua/UI context the touched object is the Layout Viewer Canvas, not the actual macro.

    still I don't think it is impossible to get the screen coordinates of the layout element, just a lot of work and calculation based on the properties of the canvas, and the properties of the layout elements.

    this is not the scenario you described in your first post.

    maybe this works for you:

    create your 2d layout in x&y axis with the main fixtures only (e.g. 301 - not 301. )

    store group xxx


    ->all subfixtures selected and stack in the z axis of the xy pos of the main fixture

    store merge with gridmergmode=off into the existing group xxx that has the mainfixtures

    Is there an easy way to make selection on the grid and have them stack on the z axis?

    create an MAtricks with the properties XWidth=1, YWidth=1

    by setting the max-width of the x and the y axis, the selection will be forced into the z-axis

    Plugin stops because of calling nill values.

    in the global context e.g. PropertyCount doesn't exist

    notice the "(Object API)" classification in the Lua editor API description

    how and why use PropertyName(handle, index) and PropertyCount(handle)

    Code: alternative 1
    return function()
      local ex = GetExecutor(206)
      local count = Obj.PropertyCount(ex)
      for i = 0, count-1 do
        local Pname = Obj.PropertyName(ex, i)
    Code: alternative 2
    return function()
      local ex = GetExecutor(206)
      local count = ex:PropertyCount()
      for i = 0, count-1 do
        local Pname = ex:PropertyName(i)

    alt 1 versus alt 2 explanation: