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    Hi Dieti,

    zuerst einmal entschuldige bitte die späte Antwort zu deiner Frage. Der Post scheint bei uns irgendwie untergegangen zu sein.

    Nach der Abkündigung der dot2 hatten wir noch die ein oder andere Software Version, in der wir auch neue Funktionalitäten implementiert haben.

    Die aktuelle dot2 Software Version ist in der Tat die letzte Software Version für die dot2. Es sind keine Weiterentwicklungen geplant. Natürlich gibt es auch weiterhin Support bei technischen Fragen oder Schwierigkeiten.

    Tut mir leid dass ich keine erfreulichere Antwort für dich parat habe. Falls du Fragen oder Feedback hast, meld dich immer gerne bei uns oder bei unseren Freunden von Menzi, unserem Distributor in der Schweiz.

    Hi Respondeckon ,

    you are right, these are the limitations of the grouping fixture. So up to a specific point the grouping fixture can be a workaround for multipatch, but it comes to an end quite soon.

    Multipatch is still on the list to do, so hopefully in one of the next versions we can see it.

    Regarding new fixtures, of course cloning the data can help you here. This is also the reason why it works when you copy and paste an existing fixture in the patch - the grandMA3 then automatically clones all the data, which is quite helpful in these situations.

    Hi guys,

    please let me add some points here - hope I can clearify some things :) . In general we always have a look where we can add compatibility for our existing users. But sometimes there are reasons against this:

    • Unfortunately the implementation of compatibility here is not just a few lines of code. As hoss already mentioned we would need many efforts and development time to ensure connectivity, calculation and the work on processes we need to fulfill here. Of course this time would be missed for other projects.
    • Next to this it has also technical reasons. Especially the structure of networking, communication and parameter distribution changed massively in grandMA3 compared to dot2. As Clintos already said....products move on.
    • Another technical aspect is that the performance of a grandMA3 system increased a lot. Compatibility to former generations is always a compromise. So at some point it seems to be an advantage for the user, but a kind of bottleneck for the whole system afterwards.

    And at the end we must not forget that we can use the grandMA3 Nodes. We can control them via Art-Net and sACN, so a proper workflow for many users.

    We totally understand the requests of compatibility, but at some point we just want to avoid some issues for the user that might become relevant after some time, even when it looked like an advantage at first.

    I hope that makes sense :-).

    Yes the dot always goes one level down in the fixture hierarchy. The idea here is to make lots of combinations of subfixture selections possible that would have to be done manually before.

    So you can now easily select the 3. and the 6. instance of a specific range of fixtures.....

    Hey jabadger,

    Candela is correct here. The difference is in the command:

    - If you select the main fixtures and you go DOWN it puts the single instances into a 2 dimensional selection grid order. That´s a special command which helps you to run easily thru each instances of one fixture or only the first, second, etc. instances of all fixtures.

    - If you want to place all instances in a row to use MAtricks afterwards, you should use the command Fixture 1 thru 7.thru - then you have a single row with all instances and your Wings 2 will be correct :-).

    Hi ZachM , yes it includes the grandMA3 onPC command wing XT as well.

    Of course the command wing XT has an inbuilt PC where you could potentially install the grandMA2 onPC software as well. But the connection to the hardware of the wing and therefore the addition of parameters is not supported.

    Hey guys,

    I think we definitely know that there are some missing workflows. So you are right, the driving could be a bit smoother in some areas. But I am also pretty sure that we made huge steps forward in the last couple of month.

    From the development perspective we always have two steps: Make the engine work completely with all the features, flexibility and complexity the users need - and afterwards add better and faster workflow to it. You know MA builds a lighting console for ALL the different applications, therefore some workflows need some more time, but we are working on it.

    I believe with v1.6 and with the next v1.7 we made and will make good progress and definitely fix some missing workflows.

    And regarding our users and trainers on-site, Bentoylight you are absolutely right. They are doing a great job and we really appreciate your work. We are always there to support you - a system change is never easy, but we will make it happen :-).

    Hi guys,

    Jason Gardash , absolutely right, the viz-key needs to be connected to your visualizer. Afterwards it will be visible comparable to a Node in your network window. Maybe one golden rule for the connection:

    Start the visualizer first to make sure that the viz-key is taken by the visualizer, not by the grandMA3 software!

    Next to this of course there are some different things for each visualizer you have to follow. Therefore we will release some tutorials for this, beginning of next week. In the meantime, if you have questions, just get in contact with your local support. :)

    And the 3 LED´s:
    1 Power On
    2 USB connection with PC
    3 Connection with onPC software

    If everything fails there is also the online help where you can have a look. So you can find some information about the viz-key here as well:…/en/1.6/viz-key

    Hope that helps :)

    Hi guys,

    Rmorr44 , maybe this issue is then related to the fixture type or the presets are not working for this fixture type. Would be good to get in contact with your local MA support to have a look at the showfile.

    Bentoylight , absolutely agree, this is an issue for us as well of course. But on the other hand it is an opportunity to learn features and functionalities from the very first beginning of the development - so you really know the basics afterwards. The next software version 1.7 is planned for April. We dont know exactly when, depends on the implementations of course, but we will keep you posted :-).

    Hey Ralf,

    the first and best way to go on with that is to request a GDTF file at the fixture manufacturer. So we can push this topic forward not only from our console manufacturer perspective, but also from user requests.

    So would be great to see what they answer....

    Hey guys,

    thanks a lot for these ideas and the feedback, makes absolute sense!

    Please give us some time to think about and work on this - we will get back to you :)

    Hi guys,

    yes there is a change in version 1.6 - you are right, the MAtricks changes are not longer displayed live.

    We got some feedback that this of course can be really annoying, changing grouping or wings and your live output changes immediately. So we kicked this off for now but in the future we want to have it as an option the user can choose.

    Sorry that this is not updated yet in the E-learning - we will definitely take care of that! Thanks a lot for the hint :thumbup:

    UPDATE: With the bugfix release version the grandMA3 onPC software supports macOS Monterey now! We also did not find issues running onPC on Windows11!

    Hey folks,

    we got some requests in the last couple of days regarding the compatibility of grandMA3 onPC software to Windows11 and macOS Monterey.

    At the moment we have to say: the grandMA3 onPC software is NOT compatible with these operating systems.

    Let me just shortly explain why. The current grandMA3 onPC software version 1.6 was released by end of September. So it is a bit older than the mentioned operating system versions. That means we need some time and a new release to test this and make smaller adjustments if needed. We are working on that to get it done in the next major release. So please stay tuned, we will keep you posted! :)