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    It works if I set the gobo rotation fader to the max, but if I set it to 50%, the gobo still does some turns before to stop.

    The other the thing is I wanted the gobo rotation fader to change when I change the gobo (from a cuelist), so I tought I could use the release fonction.
    But it seems to appear I can't release the gobo wheel AND the gobo rotation. Or maybe I missed something.

    When I am in the raw Gobo 1, there is G1 and G1<>.
    I want G1 in release and G1<> set on max gobo rotation.
    But I have to return to Gobo 1.2 first, to select "Stop" or "Rotate <" or "rotate >".
    Because if I don't, the raw Gobo1 stays on the index function, which turns the gobo. And I want an endless rotation, not just a rotation from 20°, 90° or whatever.

    Maybe it's just because of the way it's built inside the Mac Quantum...


    When I change the beam preset Strobe in a show from 1Hz to 20Hz, in 3D it looks like I just change from 1Hz to 5Hz.

    I can clearly see the difference in the storbe preset between 1Hz and 20Hz in my other shows, so I think I've done something wrong somewhere, maybe in 3D, but I don't know what...

    I tried with fixtures I've created with the Fixture Builder and fixtures from the librairy, same issue.


    As I still don't know how to set a gobo rotation on an executor woth Mac Quantum Profile, I just stored one executor with rotation per gobo.
    First cue : max rotation clockwise
    Second cue : no rotation
    And crossfade between the 2 cues

    But when I stop the rotation executor, the gobo returns to its initial position and makes one or two quarter turns backwards.

    Is there a way to avoid these turns backwards ?

    I think you can have them instead of the 2 master faders of the main executor. Just click on them and select the prog time and the exec time.
    Or by pressing on an empty executor, select [store] > [time]

    The programmer has priority over all executors.

    I would suggest you to use a CMD in cue with "GoBack" (which means Go -), maybe it could help...

    I quote @Michael who explained this to me in a other thread :
    "The reason why it doesn´t work is, that programmer values have a higher priority than playback values in dot2.
    means, no matter what your Buttonexecutors or faderexecutors do- the handgiven (programmer) Values have a higher priority.
    Your executor says Blue - lights do Blue- You select these lights and
    use color presets or the colorpicker to do Yellow and the fixtures will
    do Yellow,
    no matter what your playback says.
    We use this priority order, because it´s easy (well, if you know it...)"

    I'm trying to do another Gobo rotation with Mac Quantum Profile, but the previous tip seems not to work this time...

    Someone suggests me to modify the fixture's defaut values. The idea is to only have the rotation from 2 to 50 (only clockwise).
    Then I could have a fader executor on temp with the gobo rotation on it.

    I have exported the Mac Quantum Profile fixturetype in the Fixture Builder but this is comlex for me, and I don't know exactly what values I should change to get what I want.
    Is it in GOBO1_POS or in EFFECTWHEEL ? Or in both ?

    Edit : I think my main issue is that I can't store the rotation movement (rpm), I only store the rotation in degrees, and I don't know how to store the rotation movement.
    I tried with the Raw Gobo1, G1 <> but to no avail...


    I'm using Dot2 onPC and an APCmini and I'm trying to assign "Please" on a button of the APC, but "Please" and "please @" don't work in the MIDI remote inputs CMD line.

    Does somebody have an idea on this ?

    Unfortunatly I did not really remember how I did my presets (except as usual, by selecting a fixture group, then set it a color from the programmer and a dimmer effect) and I could have failed a step...
    I was just asking in case you know this problem, but if you say that's the first time you hear about this, I probably made a mistake somewhere.
    I did all my effects again and this time it seems there is no more issue.
    Thanks anyway !

    Woaw, thank you very much for all these explanations, I didn't know all these things.
    Looks like I've got a lot of work to do if I want to really understand how to use MIDI !
    Thanks for your link, I'll dig it.

    Edit : I found something : A software named Proxima Controller, which is a virtual midi keyboard (with automatic keyboard shortcuts). Very easy to use, and with Loopbe1 as connection between it and the Dot2.
    It works, with one exception, there is a sound of Windows10 at each note sent from the software, I don't know why... (but the MIDI connection works and I can use my laptop's keyboard to run executors of the Dot2)

    What is midi cc ?

    Excuse me for my bad english, it doesn't help here...

    I already used the two ports of my node : one for the dmx out, from my Dot2 onPC to my fixtures, and the other one for the dmx in, to control my console (Behringer 2412) as a remote.

    What I wanted to do is use my node + console with dmx, AND an other console (or software) with MIDI. So DMX and MIDI connections as the same time but with different hardware (or software).

    I'm looking for a way to use keyboard shortcuts with the Dot2, maybe with a keyboard mapping software, or a software like Ableton (which propose keyboard shortcuts) that I could connect to the Dot2 onPC with MIDI (I heard about Loopbe1, a software which allowed MIDI connection between 2 softwares). Still working on it...

    Thanks for the link !


    Is it possible to use a console as a remote (so remote inputs DMX, connection between pc and console with a node) and a MIDI controler to help for programmation (so remote inputs MIDI, and I don't know how to connect this yet ahah) together with my PC with Dot2 Onpc ?

    Is the "off/on overwritten" like the LTP ?
    I tried with my cuelist of colors on a fader, but the problem remains.
    But I found an other way, to set my exec with dimmer and white on Temp (I think I've already had a similar issue...), and it did not off my cuelist of colors.

    I'm talking about PAR Led (Stairville Tri Par and Quad Par in this case, D/R/G/B/W/strob).
    I can stop a color effect by just running a cue of colors indeed, I've never tried this before...

    Well thanks Michael and sorry for these useless questions

    I have two issues concerning colors.
    The first one is with a cuelist of colors, I also have a dim on an exec and a dim with white on an other exec.
    If I run my exec with dim in white, it stopped (off) my cuelist of colors. Why is that and how to prevent from it ?

    My second issue is that when I run a color effect and then stomp it, I just have a black out, even if I had colors and dimmers on other running execs.
    Is there a way to still have my colors when I stomp a color effect ?