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    - A Main executer separated per page option in setup. It's kinda tricky and even serious brainwork running a 600 cue show on one fader, no?

    I say no. It would not be the Main Executor anymore. And no, it's not a problem to have 600 cues in sequence, if you use them sequentially. If you need to use them in different order, have them in separate sequences.


    - If you store a cue on an existing cue you'll get the option Merge / Remove / Overwrite. The option to make a new cue with, for example, an auto increase remember when set on the given cue number would be a brain-saver.

    That's by default, when you just store to executor, when there's already two or more cues.


    - When storing a new cue after an existing one it would be nice to takeover the settings like Trig, Fade, Out Fade and Out Delay from the previous cue. Always a time saver.

    ... or just set up a default times? Trigger and times can be changed in Cues view for multiple cues at once.


    - If you've selected a value from a cue in the cuelist, for example the Fade option, just using the numeric keys on the console to change the value other than pressing the scroll encoder each time it would even save more time

    Big fat NO fot that one. By default, numeric keys are suppose to access default object from command line (i.e. Fixture). Once again - you can change times for multiple cues at once. Cursors in sheets should not interfere with command line defaults.


    - The option to set a cue off after it's first run instead of having the endless loop

    Sounds like need for a chaser with shoot-off mode.

    I believe that popular vote for export features is export of patches, cue list, and cue tracking lists in .xml, and excel, and .html formats, for both dot2 and grandMA2.

    I heard questions about it over and over from our clients.
    There are numerous uses. Rental market use patch export for preparations by stage technicians.

    Export of patches, cue lists, and cue tracking lists is very popular demand with ALL theatres:
    - export of patches mostly mostly for stage technicians
    - export of cues lists mostly for stage managers
    - export of cue tracking lists for general inventory/stocktaking, to asset actual usage, calculate running costs of a play

    I know it's partially possible in gMA2, but need is popular enough to put it in full in GUI in both systems.

    They do save. If you use first control tab, you activate control function of fixtures on the fly. To enter values in programmer, you need to use raw control channels. One more thing... why you're looking for troubles by programming control values in cues?

    Modified from stock gMA2 file, but also tested with dot2.

    Corrected for real world fixture, improvements for 3D:

    Iris fixed and improved
    Dimensions fixed
    P/T ranges and directions fixed - usable follow, XYZ and movement tracking.
    Prism parameter moved from "effect wheel" to Prism
    Anim parameter moved from "effect wheel" to gobo anim
    Zoom changed to wide>narrow
    Improved gobo pics/rotations, and gobo wheel rotations.