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    I work for company that is distributor for MA and Chauvet Professional, so...
    Try fixture file for Pyxis I made some time ago. It is on fixture share. In search query enter "Pyxis kacperp", check "User" option, and it should popup in results.
    It is made for 41 channel "Dual Control: Advanced Movement Mode", and we just don't use pixelmapping.

    Actually, making models for dot2 3D is pretty well documented.
    It is also exactly the same as for MA 3D.

    I think you used wrong material type altogether. I suspect you went for some special material shader, instead of setting plain diffuse color for geometry, which you left white, thinking it's just "wireframe drawing color".

    Advanced fixture editing should be done in grandMA2 (onPC) anyway. And since grandMA2 v2.7 (i think), you can export fixture file with embedded geometry, so no need for "modelkey" and dragging custom media file into 3D program files folder. That opens up properly in dot2 also. Libraries and geometries are interchangeable.

    What "grandMA2"? It's dot2 forum.
    Figure it out before you scold.

    Even in grandMA2 the MAtricks don't apply to effect directly, but only to fixture selection inside selective effect.
    Groups, wings and blocks of effects in grandMA2 are not MAtricks, even when they seem similar.

    What are you talking about??
    MAtrick groups, wings and blocks in macro pool are fixture selection tools.

    MAtricks apply to fixture selection. Effects apply values according to fixture selection.
    But MAtricks don't apply onto effects directly.
    There's nothing to fix about it.

    I think because:
    - most of ppl just have computers already
    - it's much easier on computer anyway
    - exactly the same fixture profiles as for grandMA2

    Therefore it's not really the most critical feature right now.

    What would really be useful ASAP is the access to the gma2 library folders on USB drives in dot2 console, to eliminate the need for copy/paste in laptop, when using gma2 console (or onPC) when making/transfering fixture file.

    You just might need grandMA2, actually :)
    dot2 was never intended as "lighter" gMA2, but for just about anything "low/medium profile" with stability and quality, without advanced setups, and high profile configs... that includes macro editing.

    I had it in Blender, when I forgot to apply scaling/translate modifications to mesh. Exporter used original dimensions without modifiers, therefore it was hardly like in editor view.
    After I applied all scaling, translations, positions modifiers to mesh directly, everything was ok.

    Just a hint, as I don't have experience with Vectorworks (but it should have similar basic features).

    That would require adding the "dot2 mode" in VPU itself (more of less) ;)
    Remember that VPU is not controlled strictly by DMX as such.
    It's a multimedia processor that renders show data the same way the console does, but only the designated VPU fixtures. ;)

    No, it won't. Lighting control and programming is modeled after live stage/theatre performances for a reason.
    Lighting cues are counterparts of cues in theatre plays.
    I think you can see difference between theatre and cinema.

    You might be used to nonlinear timeline interface, but it's not so great or efficient for stage lighting in general.
    You'll see eventually, that even multimedia in stage/theatre applications are usually not used in timeline manner.

    Of course there are cases, when you need to have all synced, etc in timeline layout, and grandMA2 has timecode show programming, where you attach "events" in timeline interface, and internal or remote timecode source.