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    Hey everyone,

    yesterday i started a ticket at MA-Support on this issue. I´ve got the feedback, that the bug is known (fixtures with scaling 0 from former versions are not shown, thats the bug) and already has been fixed. Next version will have the fix included so it won´t have this issue. In the meanwhile i´ll live with this, the beams are visible, that´s enough for programming.

    Best regards


    Hello together,

    i have the same problem and tried importing meshes from the new folder to showfile and editing fixtures to the new meshes, but without any effect. Obviously the "old" meshes were also shown in the pool and could be seen in details. Can anyone give me a solution for this issue, which is not creating whole new patch from scratch?



    Hi Albinotoni,

    we discussed this issue in the following thread and i tried to show a workaround. Maybe it helps you too, if you take the basic information for your setting:

    August 7, 2021 at 9:58 AM



    Hello together,

    i can show you my solution for this problem, which might help you. I wrote a tutorial for this, here for 8 fixtures an one truss, but you can scale it in every direction. Its three parts, first one is preparation, second to forth is modifying.

    If the here used sequencenumbers are already used, just swap them:

    Part I: Preparation

    1. Create groups with different selections (e.g Group 101 = 1-8, 102 = 1-2-3-4, 103 = 5-6-7-8, 104 = 1-3-5-7, 105 = 2-4-6-8) and one empty! OFF-group 100

    2. Create universal phasers for moves in each direction (e.g. circle clockwise (cw) and counterclockwise (ccw) ) or copy them for easy finding, so circle ccw is 51, cw is 61...

    3. Create sequence with only one empty cue, here 211

    4. Create two recipes in this cue 1

    5. Assign Sequence to fader, here 1.211, handle setting to temp and button to temp, no encoders above, you need both of them for modifying the cue

    6. Assign Phase "from X" and "to X" to 0 for both recipes

    7. Assign for testing Group 102 to recipe 1 and 103 to recipe 2

    8. Assign for testing Circle counterCW (here preset 2.61) to recipe 1 and Circle CW (here preset 2.51) to recipe 2

    9. Put up fader, you will see fixtures moving like "swimming", left wing is ccw, right wing is cw

    10. If you don´t see this, your will probably have mismatch in groups/preset or phases are not set to 0 properly (make sure white 0 is shown, not grey none!)

    Part II: modifying phase

    1. Create another seq (here 311) with 5 empty! cues and name them: no phase, 0 thru 90, 0 thru 180, 0 thru 270, 0 thru 360

    2. Edit seq and in cue1 cmd following: set sequence 211 cue 1 part 0.1 property "phasefromx" 0; set sequence 211 cue 1 part 0.2 property "phasetox" 0

    3. Second cue: set sequence 211 cue 1 part 0.1 property "phasefromx" 90; set sequence 211 cue 1 part 0.2 property "phasetox" 90 and so on...

    4. Assign seq 311 to encoder above tempfader here 1.311

    5. Assign handle button to Go+, no other assignments at this point

    6. So you can control with button phase on the fader and you see active status in cuelist

    7. In this case with our preparationsetup and Phase 0 thru 360 you will get a nice symectric circle effect

    Part III: changing groups with encoder above fader

    1. Create another sequence (here 193) with three empty! cues

    2. Label them e.g. 2 wings, oddeven and linear

    3. edit seq cmd and for cue 1: assign group 102 at sequence 211 cue 1 part 0.1; assign group 103 at sequence 211 cue 1 part 0.2; label sequence 211 cue 1 "2 Wings"

    4. Cue 2: assign group 103 at sequence 211 cue 1 part 0.1; assign group 104 at sequence 211 cue 1 part 0.2; label sequence 211 cue 1 "OddEven"

    5. Cue 3: assign group 101 at sequence 211 cue 1 part 0.1; assign group 100 at sequence 211 cue 1 part 0.2; label sequence 211 cue 1 "Linear" (setting the empty group to recipe will deactivate it temporaly)

    6. Now comes the trick: DON`t assign this sequence to any executor, we want just to call it with a trick

    7. Assign handle of executor, go+ for assigned sequence 311 on button as in part before

    8. For Encoderleftcmd set: Go- seq 193; list (list prevents encoder to go+ sequence on the executor, BIG thanks to Andreas at this point for help!!!)

    9. For Encoderrightcmd set: Go+ seq 193; list

    10. Close the assignment and test, if it´s working. You will get active feedback on Cuelist at the tempfader, which groups are assigned

    11. With this trick we can control two different sequences with one button/encoder-package, button the pahe and econder the groups

    Part IV: modifying form

    1. Create another seq (here 411) with 1-... empty! cues (amount of different forms you want to have) and name them as you like

    2. edit seq and put in cmd following: assign preset 2.61 at sequence 211 cue 1 part 0.1; assign preset 2.62 at sequence 211 cue 1 part 0.2

    3. go ahead with all your presets, that you want

    4. always set both presets in the recipes, 1 recipe is ccw, second recipe is cw direction.

    5. Assign Handle go+ for button, encoderleftcmd go-, encoderrightcmd go+, or anything else, if you want

    6. Close and test if formchange is working, on cuelist you will get feedback of active form

    So that´s it, i hope, i could explain it properly. If not, just ask, feedback is much apprecitated!

    Best regards


    Hi Ryan,

    thx for your reply. Yes, seqs are running before shutdown, this was also on 1.6 and this worked so far very well. I just tried to put them off before shutdown, saved and restart, but same problem, all macros on executors are fired, even when off at startup.



    Hello together,

    i have another issue, i didn´t want to post it in my other thread. When my showfile is loaded at startup, all macros on executors are fired, so my workspace doesn´t match to executorconfigration. I can see it in commandline, normaly only two lines afterstartup, but the screen is showing this and much more, only copied a part of display:

    i tried to set all seqs to Autostart=Off, but this is not the solution. Anyone can help?



    Hi Hoss,

    thx for the hint, i checked my usb-drive, but everything seems to be ok, i did the migration wizard do his work. The problem is also on my console, which has converted my showfile and in the meshpool all objects are correct. If i add new fixtures by import, fixtures are shown. Maybe the showconversion to 1.7 fails? I loaded a backup from 1.6, but same problem.



    Hello together,

    after updating to 1.7 in 3D all models of the fixtures in my showfile have gone, only beams are visible and the truss. In patch all my fixtures have 3d selectable and visible set to Yes. Meshes are all available in pool. I tried a new render view with stock options but no success. Demoshow is everything shown, so its showfilerelated.

    Does anyone have similar problems and knows solution?

    Regards Henrik

    Hallo together,

    I tried to set a cmd at the encoder assignment, in which i call a Macro on left turn and another on rightturn. When turning encoder, the Macro is activated as wanted, but also an Go+ command is done to the assigned sequence. I checked, if there were other assignments at the menu, but nothing. Even when setting the commands at the MA+assignment, the Go+ is also performed.

    Can anyone confirm this behaviour and is this a bug or do i have to set somthing additional?

    Best regards


    Hey Rainschn,

    thx for your reply, i had similar ideas with sumlating cores, but as you thought, this might cause other problems.

    It would just be nice, if this window would have a checkbox "I use at my own risk"

    I will tell my issue to the support, maybe they have a solution.

    Best regards


    Hello together,

    yesterday i finshed building my project "mini tour pack" consisting of a faderwing together in the same case with a mini NUC-PC and an small external touch screen, if needed. Unfortunatedly, on software start, there is a window, that informs about the lack of cores (its an i5 6600 with two cores instead of the required four ones). I know, this doesn´t fit the requirements, but this solution will be only for playback of max 1 universe and no visualisation or programming.

    Is there a way to "OK" this window for a longer period, e.g. until install of a new version, because this solution should go to the customer as plug & play and autostart onPC with windows. So if confirmation on startup could be "remembered" would be very nice.:thumbup:

    Best regards