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    Yes, Integer,1 is the solution when you send layer commands to Resolume as well.

    SendOSC 2 "composition/layers/3/clips/7/connect,i,1"

    It is very usefull to have filter options in some of the windows like seq tracking and fixture, but is it a way to change filter on the fly with a command instead of going thru the MA/mask setup each time?

    At this stage in the software development I have made some default All presets to do the job.

    In MA2 I use MA dot MA Presettype-number all the time.

    As outfade was not working in 1.2 I used individual timing. Then updated the show to 1.3. How do I remove individual timing? Also MIB delay had no effect.

    And a Compact XT console has to be re-powered to boot

    And an onPC XT has a start up crash if we do not disable AutoStart.

    Usually I am in the lucky position that Andreas is my local distributor, but in his absence I have waited 3 days now for a proper response/support from my local distributor.

    I had some of my students rehearsing the four corner press on a touch screen to open a paused showfile. One of them managed to lock the wing totally, no connection from the pause button on the keyboard. After a reboot the autostart has gone bananas. It just generates ‘do you allow this software’ pop-ups and generate new windows everytime we confirm. Manual start of release 1.2 and 1.3 is working fine.
    Short time solution as we have a show going on: is it possible to disable autostart instead of stopping it?
    Long term: should I delete release 1.3 and re-install it?

    Hi. I unsipped all onPC files to the root of a FAT32 formatted USB.
    And yes, the pan and tilt encoders are on separate pages after working in the patch.

    Updated to 1.3 today, but the pan tilt encoders are still totally offside after patch.
    Also updated a CommandWing XT. It would not take the onPC update files from the update menu, so I made an ordinary Windows onPC install. How do I change autostart to run the new software instead of 1.2?

    Hi. Is it possible to limit the Dmx to level of a channel set? It is automatic set to 1 level under the Dmx from level of the next channel set. Like one channelset Dmx from 51 and the next from 76 the Dmx to level is locked to 75. I want to set it to a lower level with a gap.

    Thank you Daniel.

    Posting your Lightpower tutorial for demand was very helpfull, and I understood most of it even though I do not speek german as most of it is common MA language.
    A mesh viewport like the one in GDTF builder would be fantastic in Fixture types. Any plans for that?

    Hi. As Lightpower have done a multi instance fixture webinar in German 2 weeks ago I think it is time to tell the rest of the world how to do it as well. I still find the online manual very basic and not helpful at all when it comes to multi instance fixtures.

    Are you running both on the same PC? Then you need a router and 2 different IP adresses in the same range like and You can make that in advanced setting on your PC.