MA Fixture Builder 1.3

  • Hello.
    Can anyone help me? I installed the latest version of Ma Fixture Builder, and I get windows that do not have any attributes like the image. I tried to install as administrator, with and without firewall enabled. The effect is the same. Does this program have any special requirements? How to fix it?

  • Helo Michael.
    I uninstalled anti-virus and firewall, uninstalled update windows, restored system to pre-installation state. I installed Fixture Builder again, launched, worked. I tried to run today, again the same symptom. Maybe it will help.
    And by the way, it seems to me that the program misleases the window in full screen mode. (My screen resolution is 1366x768). In full screen, the descriptions do not fit in the window as in the picture. (Now we can not see the descriptions because they are missing, but how the program worked was the same).

    Cheers. :)

  • Thanks!
    I've installed V1.3 and I notice when in Fullscreen, the Module window gets misaligned and the Instance button is obscured if I begin to select individual modules in the index? Resizing issues.

    Seems okay out of fullscreen, but then the list is a tad hard to navigate with scroller.

    Great to see the new Managers, exactly needed!

  • Yea. I also
    think that for beginner users longer window with the list would be
    easier to use, more readable and faster you can search the position we
    are interested in. Alternatively, adding a button for more accurate scrolling would also help ...
    Probably for the skilled users it does not matter ...
    Cheers. :)

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