dot2 Tips + Tricks special - general informations

  • Hello everybody!
    Our first "Special" t & t clip informs you of the new software version for dot2
    and especially about general things regarding updating.

    We will continue soon with several Clips about the new functions in the Software Version-
    so stay tuned!


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  • Is it possible to store the Stomp function in an executor ? (like the macro which stomp all running effects, but in an exec, and for just some effects)
    Or can we only do that with 'MA + AT' or a Stomp preset ?

    And thinking about that, is there a way to store a macro in a exec ?

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  • Thanks for the tip with the tempfader !
    But all I found to do is an empty cue with a CMD like "stomp effect 1 thru 21", I can't just store when I stomp an effect, or I'm missing something...

    And I have an another issue (which is maybe not one) when I have my fixtures to 100% intensity, I start an effect (let's say a dimmer effect), and if I stomp it, my fixtures dipped to 0% intensity in the programmer.
    Is there a way to stomp but keep the values in the programmer before I run the effect ?

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