Creating/Exporting 3d Objects in Blender

  • Hello, i tried to create a environment for dot2 3d and wanted movable doors. So i created objects in blender and exported them as mentiond in the manual. But exported via Blender 2.78 into a 3ds object, the moving did not work.

    I read there are other exporting scripts and it'd work with them.

    Does anyone have expirence or tips?

    Greetings from Germany

  • Did you include a piece of geometry[single polygon] with the 'normals' facing the vector of rotation/translation/beam?

    For a 'movable door' object under control from the desk[or just dot2 3D], you'll need the axis helper that is part of a 'MovingPath' object. That could be any rotational axis helper, "_XAJ", "_XAK", "_XAL"; there are others, specific 'doors' for 'barn doors' if you wish.

    Now, exported with such a axis helper the object will work in dot2 3D without DMX control channels wasted on a visualization. That is good.

    Now, if you wish a door under control of the desk it's a touch more complicated. You'll need to know the axis helper's correct 'subattribute' name. It will not be any of the "_Xn" names. It is what the desk will think is part of a 'MovingPath' object. Those names are MP_ROT_X, MP_ROT_Y, & MP_ROT_Z. Those names need to be substituted in your profile's channelset and functionset. Find the 'subattribute' of the channel you want and rename it to the appropriate name.

    So, before you attempt to hack a control channel into a model you'll need the profile written first. Then you hack into the profile and change the SUBATTRIBUTE name to your helper.

    I hope I didn't overwhelm you with information on the process...

    PS: your modeling program's 3DS export must not alter the name of your axis helper upon Import or the process dies...bails....borks...and you get no working model/axis helper. Read the IMPORT LOG when you bring in the 3DS file to the database. Make certain the names of your objects don't get truncated or edited away from the syntax of "_XAJ" "_XAK" "_XAL" or what you decide to utilize.

    Good luck!!

  • Hi there. It seems I'm not getting the construction run.

    An object named "Tuer1". with an cube "_XAP" as child and an object "d22" as another sub-object leads to the error: Multiple XAP-AXIS.

    Do you have another advice?


  • Yes, the cube has 4 sides= 4 polygons.

    Try a single 'side' of the cube, a polygon, 2 triangles together, or probably a simple 'tri' would work, I'm gonna go try right now.

    IE, you have too many '_XAP's in the shape.

    Ya, I just went and tried with a simple 'TRIANGLE' as the axis helper; normals facing vector of rotation. Works. No errors.

    Why did you use a 'cube' as the helper? That is not in any manual I've read on the subject....

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