ArtNET IP Setting Issue

  • Hey, I'm having some issues with the SetIP Command in the dot.2.

    I'm trying to change the IP address for ArtNET from to

    The Command I'm using is:

    SetIP eth0:1

    dot.2 asks if I want to reboot and I select OK, but there is no change.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • Was running into some conflicts with my media server.

    I'm running a dot2 Core, F-Wing, Node 4, Media Server with Resolume and a drive rack for Chauvet Epix Strips.

    When everything was connected, I was getting signal, but it was intermittent. I solved it though, just installed a second PCIe ethernet adapter into my media server.

    Now, the dot2, wing and node are media server ethernet 1 are all on the same ip range and Epix Strip drive rack and media server ethernet 2 are on a second range and all is groovy.

  • The subnet mask of every Artnet device is which means the first number has to be the same all other three numbers can be different. Artnet is listening to every IP Address that starts with 2.x.x.x so a change from to doesn't change anything as both IP addresses are still in the same network.

  • Correct, which is why I thought it was weird I was getting intermittent signal. Once I had everything set up and I disconnected the console, output to the epix strips was fine. Again, adding another ethernet adapter and running two networks has fixed the issue for me.

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