• I recently placed a large order. I will eventually need the following profiles. Perhaps someone could give me a link to a guide on creating my own, or build the following profiles themselves :)

    These are in order of importance. Thanks!

    Elation Rayzor Q12z
    American DJ QWh12x
    American DJ Flatpar 18x
    Chauvet Q-spot 260 LED

  • Al of the fixtures you list are in the current beta fixture library. The only slight query would be the ADJ Flat Par 18 is listed not a Flat Par 18X.

    If you need to speak to a fixture that is not included don't worry. We have a nice simple separate application (Mac and Win) that enables you to make your own.

    Glyn O'Donoghue
    MA Lighting Int.

  • I believe that dot2 Fixture Files are similar (if not identical) to gMA2 Fixture Files.
    So if you have some experience with gMA2 you should be able to Export a Custom or 'Home made' Fixture from gMA2 Console/onPC to USB, and then Import to dot2 Console/onPC.

    If you are new to MA, and are only working with dot2 (don't know anything about gMA2) there are still several options to obtain a Fixture File not included in the built-in library;
    - Search this forum for the fixture you need, or request it.
    - Use the Fixture maker utility to make your own (and if it works well for you, post it here for others to use).
    - Visit <> and search the gMA2 Fixture Share.
    - Ask a friend or colleague familiar with gMA2 to help you.
    - Contact your Local MA Distributor Tech' Support for assistance (if you are in Middle East or India, that would be me).
    It's also worth checking the Fixture Manufacturer Web Site, some of them have Fixture Files to download.

    In any case, try to allow enough time to create or find, import, and test the File with a Real Fixture, before you need it for a Show.

    When requesting a Fixture File please provide as much information about the fixture as possible (Manufacturer, Model, Mode) and if possible supply a copy of (or URL/Link to) the Fixture Manual, or at least the DMX Channel Function List.


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