Dim attribute doing MIB

  • Hey guys. I was given a show on v1.9.3 that has a Matrix where every pixel has two dimmers channels (Dim and Dim2). One is for CW and other for WW. I feel that library could be constructed in another way but that’s how it’s programmed.

    It would be like this:

    Fx x.1 : Ch1 - CW ; Ch2 - WW

    Fx x.2: Ch1 - CW ; Ch2 - WW

    Fx x.25: Ch1 - CW ; Ch2 - WW

    The fixture has Dim and Dim2 for every instance.

    Everything worked fine until we updated to v1.9.7 where Dim2 attributes do MIB. That makes the fixture to light up depending on the MIB configuration in that cue.

    So when I was figuring out what was going on I found this:

    Dim2 attribute doesn’t show as Dimmer so it tries to MIB it.

    On v1.9.3 it showed like this:

    I can’t change the ‘Special’ values.

    I found on v1.9.7 release notes this:

    So i guess that’s where my problem comes from.

    Does anybody of you know how to make that special value to become a dimmer attribute ?

    I can solve this by editing the full sequence and adding hard ‘closed’ values but I would like to have it right.

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