ETC EOS "Recall From" and "Copy To" functions

  • I dont know the ETC Functions, maybe this will work:

    I havent worked with this functions so my Knowledge is limitated and maybe someone Else Need to fill the gaps or correct me.

    If you have your Group 1 with Dimmer at 100% in your Programmer and you clear once, so that Group 1 is not selected, but the values are still in the Programmer you can now select Group 2 and say „at“ and select Group 1. Now Group 2 also have the Dimmer at 100%
    Will work for all Attributes

  • You are looking for "Fixture At Fixture".

    So lets say you have Fixture 101 with values you want and you want to copy those values to Fixture 102 thru 105. So you would type in the commandline:

    "Fixture 102 Thru 105 At Fixture 101"

    If you want to filter out certain featuregroups, use the "If" keyword.

  • Coming from a eos background myself, I struggled to find the equivalent to "recall from" or "copy to" on MA3.

    "fixture x at fixture y" works pretty well

    "fixture x at cue y" or "group x at cue y" also works (and it's quite similar to eos' "recall from"). BUT the tracked values (non recorded values) of the fixture in that particular cue won't be called. On eos it's assumed you want to call all the values of that fixture from the cue, even if those are tracked values (it does some kind of "virtual blocking").

    "copy cue x at cue y" is similar to the "copy to" in the eos environment.

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