Phaser display issue on 2.x

  • I am very new to MA3 so please go easy on me. I'm sure this is something that I have done but I cannot figure it out but...... Ever since I upgraded to 2.X (now I am having trouble with the phasers window. Here is what I am doing:

    1. clear clear clear and then clear again and make sure no sequences, no nothing is running

    2. Select some fixtures, either directly on the fixture sheet or via a group (doesn't seem to matter)

    3. Set the fixtures to full or select a position or make any kind of change, this "enables" step 1 in the phaser window

    4. Click on the next step and make some other kind of change, dimmer = 0 or change a position or whatever

    This is where things get weird... In the 3D view the phaser is running, lights are moving, dimmers are dimming, everything seems to work normally. However, in the phaser window, although the contents of the view changed, for example the dimmer channel will appear, there is nothing happening in either the dimmer channel window or the "xy display". In all previous versions (prior to upgrading to 2.x) there would be dots that would follow the movements, or dimmer curves or what have you. Since 2.0 they are gone. Oddly, matricks still seems to work, if I select groups or wings the phaser changes but only in the 3d view (and dmx output as well of course). But since the phaser window is in this very odd state, I cannot select mirror or phase or anything like that.

    In searching this forum the only thing I could find was to make sure that single-step is not enabled, which it is not.

    I sincerely thank you in advance for any assistance!

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