BPM Syntax question

  • hello everyone,

    im trying to figure out a syntax to add or subtract from a BPM using syntax

    setting a song BPM im currently using the following.... Master 3."SONG" At BPM 120

    but, as we know, some times a live artist is supper hyped up and going faster or dead tired and is a little slower then normal....looks are slighting off...

    so i wanna write a macro of sorts to add 5% to the current BPM any time i touch it... so i hit it and the BPM goes from 120 to 126bpm (aka +5%)

    The reason im trying to do it over syntax and not just learn buttons is it would be multiple lines of speed masters all at once.... currently im doing the learn one at a time and its working, just not ideally how i want it


  • Hello JWPardee

    This is not an ansswer to your question but a practice that i do that i found useful for such situation. When working with speedmasters i always assign them to one of my rotary nobs an use them to finetune the speed. If you use a Page for every song you could just assign the speedmaster to one of your rotary nobs. If you have just one Page you could use a Macro to assign the right speedmaster on the Page.

  • And to answer your Question:

    Use this Plugin Code:

    Name: AddToSpeedmaster

    local function main(display, Speedmaster)
        mySpeedmaster = ShowData().Masters.Speed[Speedmaster]
        local realBPM = mySpeedmaster.normedvalue * 2,25
        local realTargetBPM = realBPM + 5
        mySpeedmaster.normedvalue = realTargetBPM/2,25
        Printf("Speedmaster "..Speedmaster.." set to: "..mySpeedmaster.normedvalue)
    return main

    for subtracting change the value that is added in line 5

    and following Macroline to call the Plugin

    Plugin "AddToSpeedmaster" "SONG"

    If "Song" is a variable used in your Showfile use following syntax:

    Plugin "AddToSpeedmaster" $"SONG

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