Idle GPU usage bad for batteries

  • The cool thing about onPC is the ability to program away from a console. However, the software is using an awful lot of energy doing nothing, making portable use on battery nearly impossible. It appears that every "display" that's open uses more and more of the GPU's available cycles. Like most people, I find it's easiest to open several displays even if you're just cycling around to them on a single physical screen. This is true doing nothing, with nothing patched and no windows open at all. Even the giant 16" MBP battery can't outlast a moderately length plane ride (in coach, because MA hardware isn't cheap :) ).

    As a software developer, I can speculate why this might be, but it looks like the UI runs entirely through OpenGL, which makes it cross-platform. But should redrawing mostly static things on the screen really require this from the GPU? It's less than ideal if you're on the run. I imagine for lower-end hardware that overheats and dies it's not ideal either.

    This is a thing on Mac and Windows. Each step in the graph is opening another display, up to 4 (again, doing nothing with nothing patched and no windows open):

  • If you're keyboard-oriented, it's faster to alt-tab. (And it's worse on Mac with no touch screens.) You also don't need the view strip taking up space.

    This is why I asked. It makes dense now.

    To the graphics issue. I also noticed thst gpu usage is quite bsd is using 4k resolution and multiple monitors. Makes sense of course but it capped my gpu quite quickly and thus i have dropped my resolution to 1080p. Also this way I can use the same views on the consoles. Don't have to use scaling. Laptop gpu is rtx3070.

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