delete all uservariable

  • Hi Guys,

    during my programming adventures i stored a lot of now useless variables in my showfile. i am trying to clean them up, but some won't go, and trying deleteu * don't delete all of them. I read in another post that hidden spaces might be an issue, but that lua snipped from Andreas didn't help. Is there a method or new feature in 2.0 to clean up all the unused variables? i like to keep my showfile as lean and clean as possible.


    have a great day.

  • Storyline im not sure about a global delete of the useless variables.... but for me, i use a lot of variables in my showfile as well....what i did to keep it clean is at the start of the macro i do my assiigning of the variable... SetGlobalVariable "DimPhase" (Phase Of ?) kind of thing.... then the macro itself to do the task i want....

    then the very last line of the same macro i have.... DeleteGlobalVariable "DimPhase"

    So in effect, setting then removing the variable as i go.... a few obvious ones that i dont add that delete line would be variables referenced by multiple sources but overall, this seems to keep my file very clean

    Hope that helps

  • thanks for trying.

    i made some crap and typo's during the creating of lua plugins, and i prefer to keep the show as clean as possible to remove points of failure. That is why i am looking to cleanup. I was hopeing the deleteuservar * would work, but it doesn't and removing them individually will take me a good day by now.

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