Syntax for Off-ing specific execs across pages

  • Hey all,

    I'm looking for some syntax help. I'd like to off a specific range of executors across a range of pages EXCEPT for the currrent song page. I thought with the parent-child syntax it should be something like

    Off page 1 thru 100.101 thru 115 --Page $"currentSong", or either Off Page 101 thru 115 -Page $"currentSong".101 thru 115, but neither of those behave as expected. Is this possible without iterating over every page in lua and offing them individually?

  • i am using

    Off Page "TOUR START >>>" Thru "<<< TOUR END" - Page $CURRENTSONG

    the "TOUR START >>>" and "<<< TOUR END" are just pages i have labeled accordingly, the first before my tour pages (each page is for a song of the tour) then the end is after the last programmed real world for me "tour start" is page 10 and tour end currently lives out at page 61....then all of my tour pages are between them...allows me to expand or compress as needed for the show at hand... i do a lot of programming and busking so my first few pages are holds for Busking stuff i have... but if you are tour design only you could simply be...

    Off Page 1 thru Page 100 - Page $CURRENTSONG

  • My use case is similar, but was wanting to off only execs 1 thru 15 on all the pages except the current song. This tour will have multiple operators/users, so every user keeps their sequences per song in a certain range of executors, so each one can switch to the next song without affecting the others. IE in case video has a long cue that runs into the blackout and transition to the next song, but lighting needs to be in the mark cue already.

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