Load Show from USB via Command Line

  • So I'm trying to build a macro that will load a show from my USB drive, and what I'm finding is that the syntax 'LoadShow "showname"' works fine to load a show from the internal drive, trying to load from the USB with the same command returns a 'Failed' error.

    Basically I selected the drive by name, then tried the loadshow command and received the error. Why would this be?

  • you need to switch to the USB drive at first ;-)....select drive 2, select the first avaliable external drive....Drive 1 is the internal disk.

    No, I did that. I selected the drive by name – that command didn't fail – and then tried to load the showfile and it failed.

  • Hey hey! I got it working. Not sure exactly what the issue was, but I was using a mixture of Lua and regular syntax in the macro lines and by using regular MA3 commands only rather than incorporating a Lua variable to get the showfile name, I was able to get it to work right.

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