• Situation:

    I have a "base look" in a all preset pool, which includes for example all Feature Groups except dimmer and control. I like this look, but for this particular situation, I want it to be in a different color, so I choose another color from my color presets (not updating the all preset) and store a cue.

    The cue is referencing the "base look" preset and for the color Feature Group another preset.

    If I find myself in a situation where I have to Recast the "base look" all preset, the cue will be destroyed, as the color information from the all preset is overriding the value coming from the color preset, even though the cue is not referencing color from the "base look" preset at all. Yes, this makes sense as Recast basically calls the preset again and store merges/overrides, but I believe there should be a option for Recast to respect other presets/give recast some options, like something like "low priority recast" or something.

    If I have the color in different cue part than the default, the recast does not override it, so it is a workaround.

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