Assigning consequitive numbers in table cells

  • Hello everyone, first poster here.

    I know that in some table cells, the software automatically creates consecutive versions of a name based on a trailing number (for examples when editing fixture names in the patch editor or when changing cue numbers of a sequence).

    I was wondering whether something was available generically for arbitrary cells (maybe via in extra token in the calculator)?

    Concrete example for better understanding: Imagine you're the cuesheet, and for some reason the you want the timing of Cue 1 be 1, Cue 2 be 2, etc. If you select the timing cells of these multiple rows, you can only change them to the same value. So if I want to accomplish that cue timing, I'd need to edit each and every cell. It was nice if I could instead type something like "1+1" (the first one being the base number and the second being the step size) where the calculator would number all of these cells automatically.

    Does something like this exists and I haven't already found it, or is this a new feature request?

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