Swap Attribute In Phaser

  • Hey squad.

    Super easy one for y'all tonight - it's got to be the easiest thing in the world to do and I'm just being slow.

    I've made some schmexy looking 2-Step Phasers: basically variations on the standard flyout but with the Dimmer doing snaps, ramps, ye olde PWM w/Att+Decay etc..

    I want to swap the "Tilt" with Iris, or Zoom, Shutter, Gobo-Rotation etc. Or come to think of it maybe even combine some of those :/Inheriting the same A/D/T/W (i.e. 'Form' settings)

    In 'Old Faithful' I just change the attribute and the effect looks bangin'. It's a different system, I hear that, I'm just looking to adapt.

    I have a sneaky suspicion the solution will also allow me to shift this thread to a less prominently accessed part of my mind: RE: Syntax attributes with channels?

    Peace <3

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  • Good afternoon campers.

    I've still been really struggling with this issue. Distributor is aware. Nobody seems to have a quick workaround. There are some very long, boring, and often unsuccessful workarounds involving cloning between attributes within the programmer. One example being: Clone Fixture X Attribute "Tilt" At Fixture X Attribute "Zoom" If Programmer - that kind of vibe.

    I'm going to go in for a chat because my head just clearly isn't in cohesion with the MA3 mindset and it's driving me up the wall.

    What should, in this programmer's mindset, be incredibly simple seems to have been rather overlooked. However I can change the border colours of popup windows to green - and as we know, aesthetics take priority.

    I shall update this thread once a suitable solution or shift in approach proves promising. Until then: ||

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