Color Selection for UI Elements Bug

  • Anytime there's a fader to change the color of a Ul element and I click the screen encoder to pull up the calculator, it pulls up and asks for a value between 0 and 100. However, when I input a value the value on the color fader changes to a random value and doesn't match what l inputed. Bug?


    You can see the video of the problem here:

    From the GrandMA3 community on Reddit: Color Selection for Appearances Problem
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  • It will work if you enter 0.25 or .25 for 25% and so on.

    To me it looks like the internal representation of 100% is a value of 1 (very common in software development). Therefore fractions of one a correctly shown as percentages.

    What I also dislike about this dialog: It is the only dialog in the software that I have to close by clicking „OK“. Otherwise it will ignore the change. Most dialogs can be closed with ESC.

    But I do love the improved functionality :-).

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