Fanned Delay/Fade times in the programmer referencing a preset

  • Is there a reason why MAtricks delay and fan times do not work in the programmer (when referencing a preset/hardvalue)? Example:

    - Make a MAtricks Fade or Delay (in the editor or select it from a pool item) and select a preset, no fade or delay is applied.If you now store the preset, the timing is stored, but why is it not applied in the programmer?

    Yes I understand this could really mess with your programming workflow if those times are applied across the whole programmer, but being able to enable this yourself for live busking from the programmer would be great. Imagine the progtime but with fanned delay and fade times for example.

    Or why doesn't Fade or Delay layer times work when referencing a preset? Example:

    - "Fixture 1 thru 8 At Preset 1."Full" Fade 10" Results in fixtures snapping to full in 0 time. But this works when you do: "Fixture 1 thru 8 At 100 Fade 10".

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