Fixturetype relation does not work correctly

  • Hello, I have a problem with 6kw HMI spotlights. The devices have a Dim2 which is connected with a relation to the normal dimmer. (If the dimmer is at 100, Dim2 should also be at 100, otherwise vice versa)
    At first I thought the relation was not working at all, but the strange thing is that when I have the Dim2 active in the programmer at 100, the relation suddenly works. However, as soon as I have cleared and reselected the fixtures, nothing happens with dim2 if I only change the normal dimmer value. Also strange is that the relation between fan and dimmer always works without problems.
    Does anyone know what the problem could be?

  • Yes exactly, they should always behave in parallel. The default of dim 2 is 0%. It is correct that dim2 is 0 when I have cleared and there is no output. The problem is that if I only turn on the normal dimmer, dim2 doesn't come on. This means that dim2 is also at 0 even if the fixture is open in a cue, unless I actively turn dim2 on. The relation only works if I have dim + dim2 active in the programmer. I also think that the problem has only occurred since version 2.0.

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